Friday, November 16, 2007

Larson 1: Round 6

And once again we journey back to the original Larson house for the beginning of a new round. Last time, Olivia and Nicholas' youngest child, Maureen, moved back in after college with her fiancee, Peter Leonard. Soon after the wedding, Maureen took a job in the corporate world while Peter excelled in education. Meanwhile, Olivia finally achieved her life's goal that she started way back when she first moved to town-getting to the top of the science career. Nicholas continued to chase his dream of earning 100,000 simoleons, but with elderhood preventing him from taking new, high-paying jobs it proved difficult. Maureen soon became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, Joanne, and by the end of the week she was pregnant with child number two.

Oh, yeah. And Peter's father, Logan Leonard, gave him one of his grown-up puppies.

Peter: Who's a good watchdog?


Peter: You have to admit, this isn't exactly the safest place to be at night.

Daniel's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Olivia: Ahhhh!

Can't argue with you there.

Maureen: Come on, Joanne...go potty like a big girl!

How's the second pregnancy coming?

Maureen: Oh, just swell.

Hey, Brian, that's not your bed! Well, I guess I can't blame you for not wanting to sleep alone.

It's ok, Brian. She's not in trouble. She's in labor.

Maureen: You're consoling the dog?



Maureen: We've got another girl!

What's her name?

Maureen: Let's about Mimi?


Aww, she's trying to shield herself from the camera. That's so cute!

What do you have there, Joanne?

Joanne: Blankie!

I can see that...

Maureen: Now you go keep an eye on the girls...bark if anything happens, ok?

Canine babysitters. Interesting concept.

Whoa! Nicholas, what happened to you?

Nicholas: Well, I...I think I got hit by lightning.

You think?

Nicholas: Well, I don't really remember being hit...but why else would I look like this?

True. Sorry I wasn't looking.

Nice job, Brian!

But I think Brian isn't the best choice for a babysitter.

What happened to teaching?

Peter: Well, it was a nice job, but being a mad scientist is my true calling.

Your mother-in-law will be so proud.

Still got that blanket, huh?

Joanne: Blankie!

Who taught you to talk again?

Way to go, Maureen!! This is shaping up to be a good week for you guys.

I guess it's time to say goodbye to the blanket, huh?

Maureen: I sure hope so.

Wow, an outfit that matches. You're one of the lucky ones.

Joanne: Um...thanks, I think.

And Squawky the bird even came in for the party. How nice...

Nice hairstyle.

Joanne: Thanks! I didn't like that other one.

Joanne: See you after school, Brian...

Have a good first day, Joanne.

Congratulations, Peter. The top of two careers and a lifetime want in your second week out of college.


Peter: Come on, Joanne. We need to get this done quick.

What's the rush?'s Mimi's birthday!

Adorable...but I think a makeover is in order.

There we go...much better.

Maureen: Come on, can do it!

Odd setting for learning to walk, but ok.

Maureen: Say bottle...

Careful what word you pick, Maureen. With your girls it may end up being the only word they say.

Daniel's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Oh, yeah. Joanne, meet your great-grandpa Daniel.

Joanne: Ahhh!

Glad to see you two finally got some time to yourselves.

Peter: So are we.

And I'm sure that claw is very romantic.

Maureen: Yes! That did it! I know it!

Did it?

That sounds great, Joanne!

Joanne: No, it doesn't. Everyone who walks in here covers their ears.

Gee, you'd think they would be a bit more sensitive.

Skill number 3 down!

So this is grandchild number...wait, don't tell me...

Olivia: Thirteen. 3 from Jacob, 4 from Grace, 2 each from Mark and Roger, and now 2 from Maureen.

Glad you can remember all of that.

Joanne: Mommy, can we please get rid of the ghost?

Maureen: Honey, it's your great-grandpa. We can't just get rid of him.

I'd have to back up Joanne on this one...

Oh, so that's what you meant by "That did it."

Child number 3 is on the way!!!

Aww, he wants to meet the new baby.

Maureen: Why is he sniffing my knee, then?

Well, I never said he was smart.

And the week wouldn't be complete without a tree catching on fire.

Joanne: Alright! My first A+!


Joanne: And then you fall down like this...

What are you doing?

Joanne: Teaching Brian to play dead.

Oh, ok.

Wow, you two look so much alike.

Oh, no...Sqawky!

It's ok, Joanne. You'll get a new bird.

Joanne: I don't want a new bird...I want Sqawky!

Ahh, here's a nice distraction. Happy birthday dear Mimi..

Wow, and she actually kept her hairstyle.

Mimi: I love you, Grandma.


Mimi: Mom, can you teach me to study?

But you haven't been to school yet.

Maureen: That's ok. We'll just use Joanne's homework.

Maureen: Um...hang on a minute there, Mimi...


Oh...that's why.

So is baby number 3 a boy or girl?

Maureen: A girl!

Girl number 3! What's her name?

Maureen: Idina.


So you've got 3 girls...

Maureen: I was so sure this baby would be a boy. I'm not complaining, but...

I know. Having three girls in a row isn't that common around here.

And right back to homework.

Joanne: Hi, baby...

Putting your night off from homework to good use, I see.

Another tree fire...I think it's about time I moved along.

Daniel: Ooga Booga!

Nicholas: Ahhh!

And once again, Daniel just couldn't help himself from finishing out the week. Thanks, Daniel!

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: I thought this would be the last week for Olivia and Nicholas, but I guess not. And I'm really not sure if Nicholas got hit by lightning. He has no memory of it. I'm assuming that the lightning hit the pond he was fishing in-can that electrocute Sims?