Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Larson 2: Round 6

Last round was a big one for the Larsons. Jacob finally achieved his lifetime want of becoming a celebrity chef. Unfortunately, with elderhood approaching Meadow had to come to terms with the fact that her lifetime dream of marrying off six children would never come to pass. Meanwhile, the couple's two remaining daughters Autumn and little Addison worked on their skills, and as a reward the family adopted a kitten named Andy. The week ended climatically with both Jacob and Meadow making the transition to elderhood.

Hi, Jacob! Giving the garden another shot?

Jacob: I hope we have better luck this time than with our last batch of tomatoes. They didn't come out too well.

Morning, Addison! How does it feel to be the only child?

Addison: It's too early for these questions! Ask me later!

I think the teenage years are approaching...

Hey, look! Andy grew up! And I think this is the first pet that actually looks like his kitten self.

Jacob: Raking, raking...

Something tells me you shouldn't even bother.

Jacob: Why not?

Oh, I don't know...

Addison: Leaves are fun!

Yes they are, but we've got something more important to attend to.

It's somebody's birthday!

The last Larson redhead to grow up!

Well, we're going to have to do something about that outfit! But otherwise, you're a very lovely young lady.

Addison: Thanks!

What aspiration would you like?

Addison: Since my skills are almost maxed anyway, I think I'll be a knowledge Sim.


Addison: Did you really try to make robots, Dad?

Jacob: Try? I did make a robot. But your mother made me get rid of it.

Meadow: It was spewing trash everywhere!

How's the garden coming?

Addison: Good. These strawberries seem to be coming along.

Addison: Hi, Andy!

You know, you haven't bonded with your pet like most kids in town.

Way to go, Jacob!

Why are you doing your homework in Autumn's old bedroom?

Addison: We used to do it together in here, so this is just where I put it.

Day off today?

Jacob: Yup. It's just me and Andy here alone all day.

I guess you're never too old to play in the leaves!

Addison: Whee!

Meadow: Good kitty...

Andy's a pretty well-behaved cat.

Mother-daughter study session?

Meadow: I need a point for work, and she needs one more for her last scholarship.

Hey, look. Jacob brought home a friend...although they don't seem to get along too well.

Um...why are you playing a bass?

Meadow: Because there's nothing else to do.



Jacob: What? I didn't do anything!

See to it that you don't.

How's the studying going, Addison?

Addison: Good...I'm almost there...

Almost where?

Addison: There! I did it. I maxed all my skills.

Already? You're still a teen!

Addison: I know, but I've been at it with this bookshelf since I became a child.

Addison: Whoa! This is a huge fish!

Turning your attention to badges, you over-achiever?

Addison: Yup!

Well at least you're well-equipped to take over the garden after college.

So you're the official gardener around here?

Addison: Normally Dad does it...but I can't find him right now.

That is just too funny...

Wow, somebody's letting their hair down...literally.

Addison: I thought it was time for a change.

Jacob: Good luck at college, Addie.

With all those scholarships I don't see how she could have anything less.

Well, that about wraps up this week. And I guess Addison will be providing our exit music...see you next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I thought this house would take forever-having two parents and their last child is one of my least-favorite family makeups. But this went by really fast. And yes, Addison really did max out every one of her skills. And she actually has an attainable LTW of reaching the top of journalism!