Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Leonard 1: Round 6

Next up is the original Leonard household. Last round, Seth and Kayla's daughter Rachel moved back in after college with her fiancee Adrien Richardson. They were quickly married, and jumped headfirst into their careers-culinary for Adrien and a corporate life for Rachel. Thanks to a lucky chance card, Rachel was at the top of her game by her second day of work. Rachel soon became pregnant and gave birth to a son, Ashton. Meanwhile, the ghost of Seth's mother, Savannah, continued her nightly rampage.

As I was saying...

What are you doing, Rachel?

Rachel: Looking for a new job.

Really? But you're at the top of your career.

Rachel: I know, but it's my lifelong dream to become an education minister. But that track hasn't shown up once.

I know...I think somehow they know it's your dream.

Rachel: They? Who's "they"?

Never mind.

And I see the rest of the household is having a dance party.

And of course Savannah has to show up and spoil everything. Ok, everybody together now...

Savannah's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Adrien: Ahhhh!

Let's try it again...

Savannah's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Rachel: Ahhhh!

Man, that ghost must have scared you pretty badly...

Rachel: I don't think that's what this is...

Once more, with feeling...

Savannah's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Kayla: Ahhh!

Notice, she hasn't scared her son...

You two are cute in your matching outfits...

Kayla: Thanks, but we didn't plan it that way.

Good job, Seth!

Um...Adrien? Should I ask what you're doing?

Adrien: I'm playing pirate ship.


Hey, I guess those extra points were just what you needed.

Seth: Yup. I just wish I had switched to science before I became an elder, so I could have gotten my lifelong dream.

Don't worry. I'm sure you'll have no problems keeping that aspiration up.

Baby number two is on the way...speaking of which, where is baby number one?

Oh, there's Ashton. Haven't seen you around much this week, buddy.

Rachel: We keep him upstairs most of the time. It keeps him safe from the ghosts.

Oh, I see. You know the ghosts won't actually scare someone so little, right?

Rachel: You never know...

Happy birthday dear Ashton...

Ok, gender appropriate pajamas. Liking it so far.

And he's growing into his face quite nicely.

Ashton: Thanks!

Is everybody ready for the first day of school?

Ashton: Who's everybody? I'm the only one starting school today.

Smart as a whip, this one!

Rachel: What are you looking at?

Ashton: Stars...and stuff.

And stuff?

Ashton: Sometimes I accidentally see the neighbors.

Ashton: Can you help me, Grandma?

Kayla: Sure thing, Ashton.

Um, don't you want to get dressed? It's like 6 in the evening.

Whoa, hold on, you two! Let's wait for baby number two to be born before we start on baby number 3!

Speaking of which...

Rachel: It's time!!!

Well, boy or girl?

Rachel: It's a girl!

So according to your theme, you need an "R" name, right?

Rachel: Yup. We're going with Raygen.

Raygen. Interesting name.

Adrien: This is awesome. Now we've got one of each!

Rachel: Here, dear. You take her...I have some stuff to do out back.

What is with you girls and heading out to the garden right after giving birth?

Rachel: These cucumbers aren't getting any riper!

That's true.

Well, she has brown hair and her dad's eyes. I can tell that much.

Adrien, I think that might be just a bit too close...

Adrien: What? We're bonding!


Jacob: Hey! What's the deal with you spying through our windows? We've still got one little girl at home and...

Well, now I know where Ashton is picking it up from.

Aww, look! Ashton's making a friend!

Just keep talking...just keep talking...don't turn around...

Ashton: What are you saying?

Never you mind...

Ashton: Peek-a-boo!


Rachel: Ugh...Raygan!

The joys of new parenthood.

And another brilliant move by the nanny...

Sure, nanny. Start a fire, and then make it more difficult to put out by standing in front of it. That's keeping the kids safe!

Ashton: Look! My first A+!


And another new friend to boot...Ashton's becoming quite the little ladies man.

Happy birthday dear Raygan...

She looks just like her brother...except, of course, in female form.

And she promptly passes out on the floor. Nice.

Seth: Come on, you can do it!!!

And I see Grandpa is taking the lead with this one!

Wow, somebody got a makeover! New hairstyle, new dress...

Rachel: Stupid this bathroom doesn't flood enough with Raygan playing in the toilet...

Two skills down!

Rachel: Me and Adrien both have fears of changing diapers. This is very important.

What are you doing?

Rachel: Studying...for my new job!

You finally got into education? Great!

And I see your reward is helping everybody out some.

Seth: Say "Grandpa..."

Raygan: ...

Keep working on that, Seth.

Well, this week is winding down.

Kayla: Goodnight, Raygan. Grandma has to go and do superhero stuff.

Off to battle robots?

Kayla: Not exactly...

Well, that's pretty important too. See you next round!

Kayla: This bathroom must be cursed!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I was worried that this would be it for Kayla since her twin Chloe died last round, but I think both her and Seth had at least another round left in them! And the birth of Raygan actually calmed Savannah's ghost a bit.