Sunday, May 20, 2007

Geller 1: Round Two

Last time we saw the Geller family, Sam moved to Tranquility Acres with his young son Noah and his younger daughters, twins Julia and Destiny. Being the only parent in Tranquility Acres without the help of a teenage child or elderly parent was tough, so by the end of the week Sam had found a new bride in Chloe Macguire, gaining a stepdaughter in Bryanna who grew up to teen in her new home. We left the Gellers after Noah turned to teen with Chloe being pregnant with her and Sam's first child.

Bryanna, I'm very sorry to tell you this but your grandmother died...

Bryanna: Um...ok, but why are you in here?

I'm the myserious voice. I'm everywhere.

Still working on those paintings, huh Destiny?

Destiny: Sure! It's really fun and it makes money!

How are you feeling, Chloe?

Chloe: Being pregnant sucks! I'm so tired, and hungry, and bored!

Don't worry, it's almost over.

Bryanna: All right!!!!

Bryanna: Mom, I got an A+ I got an A+!

Shouldn't this have happened already?

Bryanna: Well I missed a day of school when me and Mom moved in here.


Man, it's just A+'s everywhere today.

Chloe: Um, mysterious voice? Something's wrong!

Oh, boy. Here we go...


Chloe: It's a girl! Meet little Melody!

Awww...another girl!

Um, why am I seeing two babies?

Chloe: Because I had twins.

What? Are you kidding me?

Chloe: No...

But you didn't eat cheesecake either! There have been four twin births in this neighborhood, and I can only explain one of them with cheesecake. You guys need to get your water tested.

Chloe: Whenever you're done with your rant, would you like to meet our other baby?


Chloe: Another girl, Harmony.

Hmm, Melody and Harmony. Very musical.

Julia/Destiny: We got a little sister!

Actually, you guys got two little sisters.

So which one is that?

Sam: Melody...I think.

You think? You can't tell your own children apart?

Hey, you go and try it!

Ok, so that's Melody...

Is that Harmony?

Sam: No, that's still Melody. She just turned her head.

Man, they are identical.

Sam: This is Harmony.

Are you sure? Because now even I'm kind of iffy...

Can you tell them apart, Chloe?

Chloe: Of course I can. A mother can always tell her children...

So if I just switched them from crib to crib like five times you'd be able to tell who was there?

Chloe: Why...why would you do that?

Relax, I was joking.

Destiny: Hey, I got an A+ Look at me!

Poor Destiny. You guys are all kind of ignored since the twins were born.

Aww, did you guys get new pajamas?

Julia: Yeah, they were a present for getting an A+! We each got a new normal outfit too!

How cute is that?

Sam: Say hi to your sister, Julia!

Julia: Daddy, which one is she?

Sam: Um...let's just go with Melody.

Sam: I really hope this is the right crib....

I can't wait till these girls become toddlers...

Oh hi, Noah. Haven't seen you around that much this week.

Noah: I've been getting ready for college.

Good job! And you're being a great big brother, too.

And I see Bryanna is bonding with her new stepfamily.

Bryanna: They're kind of cute, actually.

Destiny: Come on, Julia. We grow up tonight! If we just get two more logic points...

You know, I should probably get you guys something to work on another skill besides logic.

Time for a double birthday!

Here we go!!!

Ahh, very nice. Very retro, Julia. And now it's time to pick your asperations. Let's start with Destiny.

Destiny: Fortune.

Oh, a new one for this neighborhood. And Julia?

Julia: Pleasure.


Oh, I guess it was a quadruple birthday!

Sam: This is a lot of cake...

Aww, Melody's such a cutie!

And so is Harmony!

And they're still pretty much identical. Great.

Sam: I think that Harmony has a different nose...

Yeah, but from my point of view I can't always tell that...Give me a minute to figure out who's who, ok?

Ok, so Melody is in the dark blue overalls...

And Harmony's in the light blue.

Aww, look! She's living up to her name already!

Sam: Say bottle, Harmony.

Harmony: No!

Are you sure you're calling her the right name?

Chloe: Say Mama, Melody...

Melody: Mama!

Ok, so Melody is in the brown pajamas...oh, good job teaching her to talk, Chloe.

And Harmony is in the black and white pajamas. Thank you guys for putting them in different clothes.

Another skill down for Melody...

Man, you guys have got a ready made study group in your house.

I think you guys gave this one a very appropriate name...

Chloe: Come to Mommy, Harmony!

I don't think she's very interested.

Hi there, Harmony!

Sam: Can you see the nose difference?

Yeah, I can.

And I see Bryanna is becoming the family chef...

Bryanna: I want to get a scholarship for my cooking skill.

Good luck with that.

Bryanna: Hey, Noah! Think fast!

Very mature, Bryanna.

Ok, Julia, why aren't you painting?

Julia: I...saw...roaches!

I...don'! Get back to painting!

Another double birthday!

Ok, so Melody's in green and Harmony's in it!

You two look like you're in some kind of musical group!

At least I think Melody was in the green...

Melody: I think this is going to be fun...

Destiny: Julia, are you ok?

I guess I worked you guys too hard with the skilling.

What a cute

Harmony: I'm Harmony.

Thanks. I promise I'll be able to tell you two apart someday.

Harmony: We're not identical, you know.

So Melody's in pink, Harmony's in blue.


Maybe I've been pushing her too hard...

Chloe: Hi, honey!

Why don't you say your daughter's name, Chloe?

Chloe: Hi....Harmony?

Lucky guess.

Ok, Destiny, step away from the easle!

Ok, you could have taken off the thinking cap before calling college.

Destiny: I got them! I got the logic scholarship and the creativity one.

Great job! Now please relax!

I guess Harmony gave up waiting for people to serve her breakfast.

Sam: I'll buy some lemonade from you, honey...

How cute.

And now Destiny's becoming the family chef...

Which scholarships did you get, Bryanna?

Bryanna: I got one for my A+, one for my logic skill, and one for my cooking skill.

You actually got the cooking one? Awesome! Look, my week with you guys is up, but I'll see all four of you teens after college!