Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Greene 1: Round 1

Next up we have the equally small, equally lovable Greene family.

Like Olivia, Ethan was left dumbfounded when his wife left one evening to go get milk and didn't come back for five days. Five days later he received word that his wife was involved in a horrific car crash and was killed on impact. Left alone with his teenage daughter, Alyssa, and his young son, Joshua, Ethan moved to Tranquility Acrew to try and move on with his life.

Hi, guys!

Ethan: What was that?

I'm the mysterious voice, your friendly nieghborhood narrator.

Alyssa: Where are you? I can't see you.

It doesn't really matter, does it? The point is, I can see you.

Alyssa, where are you going?

Alyssa: To work. We need all the money we can get right now.

What about your dad?

Ethan: Hey, someone has to stay home with Josh. I start work tomorrow night.

Ok, at least you have a job. Oh, look. The welcome wagon is arriving. Let's see who's here...

Oh, hi Olivia. Long time no see.

Olivia: I can't belive my house was robbed. I'm so angry...

Wait, aren't there usually three people?

Oh, there's our third person. Come on, Ethan. Get yourself a new wife!

Marisa: Who was that?

Never you mind! Just get back to what you were doing!

There's always time for some before-school red hands!

Her fun was completely empty.

Well, between school, work, and taking care of Josh I don't doubt that.

Ethan: I'm home, and promoted!!


Ethan: Ugh, I am so not attracted to that wolf...

Well, that's probably a good thing.

Oh, look. Marisa's here. And it looks like things are going very well for you guys.

Ethan: Can we have a moment, please?

Actually, no.

Ethan: Why not?

It's Josh's birthday, that's why!

Ethan: Oh, right.

Happy birthday to Joshua...

Joshua: Whoa, check out our ceiling! don't have a ceiling. Ethan, you might want to get him checked.

Ethan: Checked for what?

Never mind.

Ethan: Hey, Marisa, you know, we're in a really good place right now and the kids seem to like you want to move in?

Marisa: Sure, Ethan.

Well that was easy...and now we've got another income in the house.

What? You guys are engaged?

Ethan: Sure, why not?

Well, it seems a little soon. I mean, you guys just met like four days ago.

Ethan: Our first night together... you want me to leave?

Marisa: If you could, it would be great.

Ok, I can take the hint.

Please tell me you have food poisoning.

Marisa: Nope, I don't think so...

Oh, boy. It's Tranquility Acres' first pregnancy!

It's good that you're still such an attentive father.

Ethan: It's his first day of school.

Oh, that's right. I forgot about it with all the pregnancy excitement.

Good luck, Josh. Have a great day!

Wow, that was fast. How'd it go?

Joshua: My report card isn't so good.

That's ok. It'll get better.

Yup, definately pregnant.

That certainly is an interesting wedding dress, Marisa.

Marisa: Well, it's all I fit into right now.

Oh, I see.

Wow, first days of school and weddings can really tire a kid out.

Oh, hi Alyssa. Haven't seen you around lately.

Alyssa: I've been working.

I know, and you've been helping out a lot. I shall remember that in the future. Are you kids excited about the baby?

Joshua: Yeah.

Well it seems you're blending into the family quite nicely, Marisa.

Marisa: They're just like my own kids.

Marisa: Owwwww!!!

Ok, well, I was going to get going but I guess I'll stick around to see the baby.

Ethan: You mean babies.

What? You had twins? You didn't even eat any cheesecake! You guys can't even make cheesecake!

Marisa: What does cheesecake have to do with anything?

Never mind. So what did you name the babies?

Ethan: We had two little boys, Carson and Carter.

Awesome. And now I really do have to go. I will be back to see the babies.