Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Intermission: A Quick Trip to University

Now we're going to take a brief intermission while all of our Tranquility Acres teens go off to Sim State University. What goes on at college is going to stay at college-the university isn't going to be a part of our regular playlist. But I realize, being an omnipotent voice, that some people may doubt the fact that these teens went to college at all if we didn't at least visit. Jacob Larson, of course, went through with his girlfriend Meadow Thayer between rounds one and two so he left already.. Now, we've got three more groups to get through.

First up are the other three teens who were teens upon their arrival in Tranquility Acres:

Willaim Richardson, Alyssa Greene...

And Morgan Leonard.

Next up are the teens who moved into Tranquility Acres as children:

Grace Larson and Noah Geller. Not much of a choice there, is it?

And last but definately not least, we have the teens who were just little rugrats when they moved in-the toddler group.

Bryanna Macgure, Tyler Macgure, Joshua Greene, Mia Richardson, Julia and Destiny Geller, and Ben and Logan Leonard.

Now that everyone's gotten themselves an education, we can go back to Tranquility Acres and pick up the rest of Round Two.