Sunday, May 20, 2007

Macguire 1: Round Two

Last time we visited the Macguire family, twin sisters Chloe and Kayla moved to Tranquility Acres with their young children, Bryanna and Tyler, as well as their elderly mother Ella. Since we last left them, Chloe and Bryanna moved in with the Geller family across the street, leaving just Kayla, Tyler, and Ella in the house.

Tyler: All right! I got an A+!

Great job! What a good way to start off the week!

How's it going, Ella?

Ella: I'm so proud of him!

I am too. Say, where's your daughter?

Ella: Which one?

The one who still lives here.

Hi, Kayla. What are you doing?

Kayla: I can't take being a waitress anymore. I'm looking for a new job.

Are you sure that's a good idea? You're the only one working.

Kayla: My new job pays almost as much as this one. I'm going into the army.

You? Really? Ok, whatever you want.

Ella: I'm not so sure about this thing...

Hey, Kayla needed a little jolt before heading off to her new job.

Kayla: A little jolt?

Ok, a big jolt.

Um...I thought you were in the army. What's with the cop outfit?

Kayla: I changed my mind after I got home. I'm going into the law enforcement track. My lifelong dream is to become Captain Hero.

Ok, whater. I'm sure your friend Jan can keep your mom company. But you're staying with this track then?

Kayla: Yes.

Whoa, what's going on here?

Yeah, you can be real proud, Jan. Beating up your friends old mother...

It's Tyler's birthday already?

Make a wish!

Here we go!

Huh, not bad. We're going to have to talk about the outfit, though.

Tyler: Thanks, I guess.

What asperation would you like?

Tyler: I can't just keep grow up?

No, sorry. You're too big for grow up.

Tyler: Um....Family, I guess.


Yeah, nothing says happy birthday like a family dance party.

Kayla: Come on, mysterious voice! Come and smustle with us!

That's ok, I'm good.

Ahh, the joys of having a teenage boy.

Tyler: You're not going to stop me?

Nah. I don't really like that Ricky kid anyway. Go ahead.

That's right, Tyler. You build those skill points-college is coming up!

Tyler: I look pretty good!

Tyler, what are you doing? Back to skilling, buddy!

Kayla: Jan, I can't talk for too long. If my mom knows I'm still talking to you...

You know, Kayla, I think it's time you look for your own place.

Ok, that's an odd place to do your homework but whatever. As long as you do it. come Grimmy!

Tyler: Oh, no. Grandma's dying.

Yeah, don't get up from the chess table or anything...

Grim Reaper: Ella, your time has come!

Ella: No! Not yet! I'm not ready!

Ella, you can't fight death.

Tyler: This is terrible! I'm so upset.

Could have fooled me...

Well I hate to leave you guys on such a sad note, but unfortunately the week is over. Tyler, get ready for college! It's coming up at the end of the round for a lot of you guys. Now I have to pop over to the Gellers and check in with Chloe and Bryanna.

Kayla: Could you let her know about Mom?