Thursday, May 3, 2007

Macguire 1: Round One

Next up on our list is the Macguire family, our biggest so far.

Identical twins Chloe and Kayla Macguire do everything together. They got married together, they had their children together, they got divorced together, and they moved back in with their mother Ella together. Unfortunatly, unbeknownst to the girls their mother had just abandoned their childhood home in favor of a more carefree life. Now burdened with helping raise her two grandchildren, Chloe's daughter Bryanna and Kayla's son Tyler, Ella moved her family to Tranquility Acres to help the girls get back on their feet.

Hi, Chloe! Hi, Bryanna!

Bryanna: Loud voice, Mama!

Chloe: Who said that?

That would be me, you're friendly mysterious voice.

Oh, I would say hi to Tyler but I can see he's almost asleep.

So Ella, how does it feel to have your twins move back home and have them each bring a kid?

Ella: I love my girls and I love my grandkids, but this is not a permanent situation. I have my own wants too, you know.

Yeah, but you have a pleasure asperation so your wants seem to involve juggling and freestyling for tips.

Ella: Wait, how do you know my wants? Where are you?

Ok, the first order of buisness is everybody getting a job.

Ella: Everybody?

Alright, let me rephrase that. The first order of buisness is Chloe and Kayla getting jobs. Ella, you're staying home to take care of the kids.

Ella: That makes sense.

Could you go down to the Richardson house and let Daniel know that?

Chloe: And that's why we use the toilet...

Great story, Chloe.

Atta girl, Bryanna! Earn those skill points!

You too, Tyler! Nothing like an early start!

Oh, great. The Welcome Wagon is here. Guys, must you follow me from house to house? Your weeks are over!

Daniel: Well, seeing as how I don't have a job...

Actually, Daniel, maybe you should hang out and talk to Ella for a bit...

Ethan: Hey, how come we don't have a chessboard?

Look, I promise that when I get back to you I'll give you one, ok?

And it's the first day of work! Good luck, Kayla!

Chloe: Mommy loves you...I'll be back later.

Good luck, Chloe! Say, where's Ella?

Ella, this isn't a job for a grandma...

Ella: Well, some stupid animal dug this hole and it's not going to fill in by itself, is it?

I guess not.

Oh, good. Chloe's home...hey, what are you doing?

Chloe: Mom wanted to have a pillowfight...

Meanwhile your child is passed out on the floor...

And the other child doesn't look too happy either.

Oh, good. At least there's one responsible parent in this house.

Oh, great. The shower's broken.

Ella: This room is so messy!!!

I'm aware. That's why I suggested you go clean it up.

And we got one potty trained! Way to go!

Chloe: See? I'm responsible!

Great. Now I have another job for you.

Chloe: Why do I have to fix this?

Because you're home. And you're in the medical career so the mechanical points will help you the most.


Happy birthday dear Bryanna...

and Tyler...

Ok, so their first act as children is to pretend to shoot each other. Nice.

That's much better. And it gives you logic points to boot.

Bryanna: What does that matter? We're kids!

Believe me, you'll be grateful for them in the future.

Happy first day of school!

Good luck, guys!

Oh, what an interesting new uniform, Kayla.

Kayla: These are my peices of flair...


And we're home from school and it's back to the chessboard.

Followed by a little homework help from grandma.

Oh, look who showed up. It's Joshua Greene. I sense a future romance!

Bryanna: Ewww!

Don't worry, it won't happen until you're old enought to want it.

You're painting, too?

Bryanna: We need the money.

There's quite a few starving artists in this neighborhood.

Ok, well that about wraps up my week with you guys.

Chloe: Do you think we should start looking for your own places?

You know what? We can figure this out next week. Bye, Macguires!