Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Leonard 1: Round 2

When we last left the Leonard family, bachelor Seth along with his parents Bryce and Savannah moved to Tranquility Acres with Seth's children, Morgan, Ben, and Logan. Ben and Logan grew to children, Seth worked on his skills to advance in his job, and Morgan prepared for college.

Ok, it's Monday morning and everyone's going about their morning routine...

Logan, what are you doing?

Logan: I'm thirsty!!

Such a typical boy...ok, it's 8:00! Everybody off to school and work. Come on, let's go!

....Logan!!! Great, now he missed the bus.

Bryce: Why are you making such a big deal about it? He's just too tired to go to school. Let the kid sleep.

And Bryce is such a typical grandpa.

Ben: I got an A+!

See? That's what happens when you actually GO to school. Nice job, Ben.

Hi, Morgan.

Morgan: To the chess table!


Morgan: I still need that last point!

Ok, just don't tire yourself out and end up like your brother.

What a nice family scene...

Logan, what are you doing? No wonder your energy's almost gone by the time the bus comes!

Logan: I can fly!

No you can't!

Seth: Oh, hi Kayla!

Hmm....I'm seeing possibilities...

Yup, definate possiblilities.

Kayla: My house just feels so empty since my mom died...

Seth: Well, why don't you and your son just move in here?

Good job, Seth. Move things along.

Hey, Tyler. Long time no see. Wait a minute, what's going on in the kitchen?

Kayla: How do you start a fire cooking spaghetti, Seth?

That is a good question, Kayla.

Say Morgan, you got that last skill point, right?

Morgan: Yeah.

So you think you're ready to go to college now?

Morgan: In the middle of the week?

Well this house is getting kind of crowded.

Of course. I put in a TV and the three boys gravitate to it like moths to a flame.

Happy birthday twins!

Ben: Can I get a better outfit?

I sure hope so.

Well, I guess that's better. Now then, asperations?

Ben: Family!

Great, let me just mark that down for you...ok, now you Logan.

Logan: I want popularity.

Why doesn't that surprise me?

What a cute couple you guys are...

You know, I'm thinking it might be time for me to leave...

Yup...definately time for me to leave!

Um, excuse me, why am I seeing two homeworks on that desk? Somebody better get busy!

Oh, look. It's Destiny Geller. Hey Destiny, meet Ben. He's a twin just like you.

Speaking of twins...Logan, meet Julia.

And Tyler, so you don't feel left out, meet Mia Richardson. All of you guys were just little toddlers when you moved in here, and now you're getting ready to go to college.

Hey Logan, why are you crying?

Logan: Grandpa died!

What? No he didn't!

Wait a minute...guys, where is Bryce?

Seth: He just died...didn't you hear the Grim Reaper?


Well would you look at that. I guess he did die.

Seth: Kayla...will you marry me?

Kayla: Yes!

Don't you think you should wait a day or two? Your dad just died like two hours ago.

Wow, I guess that engagement is coming just in time, huh?

Kayla: I guess so.

Um... I think we're going to have to put those away until you give birth, Kayla.

Kayla: I can't wait to see you...

And I hope there's only one of you...

What a beautiful wedding...even if the bride isn't dressed.

Kayla: It's not even worth it. The only formal wear I can fit into isn't appropriate anyway.

Man, love is just everywhere today!

Oh, great. The first thing Bryce's ghost comes back to see is the toilet.

I'd better follow him...make sure he doesn't do too much damage.

Bryce's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Tyler: Ahhhh!

Why are you scaring him? He moved in like three days before you died.

Did your dad scare you too?

Seth: Yeah, but I'm a knowledge sim. It's a good thing for me.

Kayla: Owww!!!!

Here we go again!!!!

Kayla: It's coming! It's coming!

It's here! And it's a ...

Kayla: Girl! Meet Rachel.

Kayla: Something doesn't feel right....

You have got to be kidding me...

Kayla: We've got another girl, Riley!

Another set of twins. There has to be something in your water supply. There just has to be...

You guys are a cute little family...

Bryce's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Kayla: Ahhhh!

Smooth move going through her husband to scare her.

Kayla: I think I had an accident...

You just gave birth and then got scared by your dead father in law. You can be forgiven.

Ok, I think it's time to move Bryce's ghost to a community lot. Say goodbye to Bryce, everyone!

Kayla: That's right...there'll be no more ghosties around here scaring you guys...

Hey, can I get a close shot of the babies?

Ok, so this is Riley...

And this is Rachel. Great, more kids I can't tell apart.

Um, a little to forcefull for a greeting, Ben.

Ok, that just about wraps up my week with you guys. Now it's time to send all three boys to college!