Thursday, May 3, 2007

Richardson 1: Round One

Now that we've seen an engagement, wedding, pregnancy, and birth in one week, let's move on down the line to the Richardson family.

After getting divorced from his wife, Nicholas enlisted the help of his aging father, Daniel, to take care of his children, teenage William and little Mia.

Hey, everyone! Welcome to Tranquility Acres!

Nicholas: What was that?

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm the mysterious voice, your friendly neighborhood narrator.

Daniel: They didn't need neighborhood narrators in my day...

Oh, great. Daniel is one of those old people...

Ok, now that Nicholas and William both have jobs...

Daniel: Wait a minute. Why can't I get a job? I'm not dead yet, you know.

Well, the amount of money you would bring in is less than what you would have to pay a nanny to watch Mia.

Daniel: Sounds like ageism, to me.

Well to me it sound like smart financial planning. Anyway, the welcome wagon is coming.

Olivia? Ethan? What are you guys doing here? Do you guys have like separation anxiety?

Nicholas: Shhh....I kind of like Olivia.

Oh....carry on, then.

What a great big brother you are, William.

William: Well, Dad's busy with the guests and Grandpa's on the couch complaining.

Way to show your worth, Grandpa...

Well, at least this is going well.

Say Ethan, you have a teenage daughter about William's age, don't you?

William: Are you trying to set me up?

It's my job, William.

William: I thought your job was to narrate...

Ok, not the most masculine way to flirt with a women, but whatever, Nicholas.

See, Daniel? Being a stay-at-home grandpa isn't that bad, is it?

Daniel: I still say you're age-ist for not letting me get a job.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work you go...

Nicholas: Why are you singing?

Never mind.

Daniel: I would let you sing if you let me go to work.

Have fun at school, William.

Oh, hey Mia. Did you climb out of your crib by yourself?

Mia: Grandpa sleeping!


You're not making a very good case for yourself, Daniel.

William: Mysterious voice, we're home! And we're both promoted!

Great. Now go do your homework.

William: But that will take so long!

Don't worry, you're grandpa will help you.

Daniel: I am a valid member of society. I am just as capable...

This is helping?

Whoa, who are these people and why are they fighting?

William: Randy is the friend I brought home from work, and Sophie is the friend I brought home from school.

I see...Hey, guys, your friend is trying to study here.

Daniel: Hey, mysterious voice, look at me studying my skills! Can I get a job now?

No, but I have another idea of what you can do with your time...

Teach Mia to walk. She grows up soon and she needs to fulfill some wants.

Ok, potty training will work too, I guess.

Daniel: Hey, it makes my life easier.

Nicholas: Come to Daddy, Mia...

Hey, I thought I told your father to do that.

Nicholas: Well, he kind of gave up after awhile.


Happy birthday dear Mia...

Daniel: So can I get a job now?


Daniel: Why not?

Someone still has to be at home in the afternoon.

Whatcha' doin', Mia?

Mia: Painting pictures. If I get really good I can sell them for a lot of money.

Well, that's sweet, but you need to get to bed. Big day tomorrow.

William: You're going to meet so many new people at school, Mia...

Ah, the classic first day conversation.

Good luck, Mia!

William: Yeah! I got an A+

Great job.

William: Grandpa, Grandpa! I got an A+

I don't mean to cut the celebration short, but you have to go to work.

Daniel: I wish I had to go to work.

Mia: Bye, bus driver!

Oh, good. Mia's home.

How'd it go?

Mia: Ok, I guess. My report card isn't that great.

Don't worry, it's never great on the first day.

Daniel: I have just as much potential as I did back in...

Daniel, she's learning to write. I don't think you're being much help.

Oh, good. Daddy and William are home from work.

Mia: I missed you, Daddy. Grandpa didn't help me with my homework very much.

Don't worry about it. He's just consumed with a hatred for me.

Mia: Look, I sold a painting!

Someone actually bought that...I mean, great job!

Do you like your new outfit?

Mia: Yes.

You certainly are pretty, Mia.

Mia: Thanks, mysterious voice. If I could see you I'd say you were pretty, too.


Well, it's about time for me to be moving along. It's been a great week, guys.

Daniel: Can I get a job next week?

....We'll see, ok?


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