Sunday, May 6, 2007

Geller 1: Round 1

Across the street from the Macguires, another family was moving in...

Sam Geller 's divorce from his ex-wife left him with full custody of his three children-older son Noah and the twins, Julia and Destiny. It also left him broke.

Hi, there, Sam!

Sam: Who are you?

Do I have to do this every time? I'm the mysterious voice!

Sam: Mysterious what?

Mysterious voice. I provide an insightful narration of your life.

Sam: Ok...

Noah: Hey, I can't play with this!

Oh, don't worry, Noah. Those are for your sisters.

Your "toy" is the chessboard.

Noah: Seriously? That's it?

Hey, there's no time for toys that don't give you skills.

See? Your sisters don't mind.

Sam: Ok, Destiny. Potty time...

How are you planning to do this? Raise two toddlers and one child while working a job?

Sam: I have to hire a nanny. There's no way around it until Noah's older. But she seemed great on the phone.


Sam, the welcome wagon is here! And what a surprise, Olivia and Ethan are here again.

I'm seeing possibilities...

Sam: I don't know...

Come on! She's a twin, you have twins, it's meant to be!

Noah, why are you ording a pizza?

Noah: Dad's too busy talking to Chloe to cook lunch.

Well, at least pizza won't start a fire...

Chloe seems to be getting along with the kids pretty well. That's a good sign.

Have a good first day at school, Noah!

Sam: Bye, Destiny! I'll see you after work!

Good luck, Sam. Don't worry, I'll keep tabs on the nanny.

Sam: Thanks...I guess.

Oh, good. Noah's home.

Looks like it's that time...Sam, why don't the girls get cake?

Sam: I'm too tired from work to deal with that. They're too young to even notice anyway.

Whatever you say, Sam.

Ok, one down...

Destiny: My hands are awesome!


Looks like we got here just in time for Julia...

Great! Both the girls are kids! I guess that means no more nanny, huh?

Sam: No. I still work until 6. She'll come in the afternoon.


Study time...keep up the good work, Noah.

Julia: First day of school! First day of school!

Calm down, Julia! You'll use up all your energy jumping on the bed!

Breakfast time! Say, where's your dad?

Chloe, what are you doing here so early?

Sam: I invited her over before work.

Ok...early morning dating. Interesting concept.

Chloe: Sam, please! Your daughter's right here!

At least somebody's paying attention.

Sam: Guess what, mysterious voice?


Sam: Chloe's moving in!

Wow, that was fast.

Sam: And now I have to go to work. Have a great day, honey!

How romantic.

What happened to the excitement, Julia?

Good luck, Destiny!

Oh, that's right. Chloe has a daughter. Hey, Bryanna!

Bryanna: I don't want to move. I like living with Grandma.

Believe me, I liked having Grandma around too.

See? It's not so bad.

Chloe: And now you have a stepbrother and stepsisters!

Well, technically you have to get married before that happens.

Oh, good. The kids are home from school.

Destiny: Bye, everyone!

How was it?

Destiny: It could have been worse, I guess.

Next one off...

Noah: I got an A+

Great job!

Oh, dear. The nanny is holding a match. This cannot end well.

Chloe: Why?

You never had to hire a nanny for your kid. Hold on, I'm just going to go and buy you a smoke alarm.


Chloe: She's a nanny! It's her job to keep the kids safe, and she sets herself on fire!

I know, Chloe. I know.

Aww, darn. The fireman saved her.

Destiny: Daddy, you're home! Guess what? The nanny set herself on fire today!

Sam: She what?

Don't worry, Chloe will explain it to you.

What is it with you two and making major life changes right before work?

Sam: This is the only time we're both home.

Looks like a yes!

Ok, girls. Get off the chessboard! It's time for school.

Noah: Hey, look at me!!!

Very nice, Noah. Very nice.

Hey, I just kicked the twins off that thing. It's time for school.

Would you two like me to leave?

Chloe: Kind of...

Ok, whatever.

Isn't there something a little backwards about this? And Chloe, you actually have family in the nieghborhood. Why are you having a wedding with no family in the entry way?

Sam: Look, we both have to go to work now. If we don't do it now we'll never get it done.

Ok, now off to work.

Happy birthday dear Bryanna...

Sam: You know what this means?


Sam: No more nanny!


Make a wish...

Bryanna: I'm wishing for a better outfit!

Well, that isn't the worst I've seen. Now it's time to pick your asperation!

Bryanna: I want knowledge, like my mom.

Great! Now, everybody in bed before you pass out.

Whoa! I didn't even see you have morning sickness!

Chloe: I know.

Well at least the kids seem to like each other.

Bryanna: When do I leave for college?

I think I'm going to have you stick around for save your family money on child care.

Happy birthday dear Noah...

Here we go!

Noah: I'm not sure about this purple...

Me either. But you're just going to have to live with it. Asperation, please?

Noah: Um...I guess family, like my dad.

Great! That will be a big help.

Well, it looks like my week with you guys it up.

Sam: You're not going to help me fix the toilet?

Um...I don't think so.