Thursday, May 24, 2007

Larson 2: Round 2

Now we're off to a new home in Tranquility Acres. Jacob Larson has just moved onto his own property after completing college...

Jacob, are you ok?

Jacob: I'm still so mad at that lady who robbed my house...

Jacob, let it go already!

Jacob: I want her dead! I want to see her ghost!

And through the magic of technology, you now have a house and your girlfriend is over.

Jacob: Meadow, will you marry me?

Meadow, I think I should tell you he has some anger issues...

Too late. That looks like a yes to me.

Oh, good. The welcome wagon is here.

Jacob: Too bad we can't greet them-we're too busy looking for jobs.

Oh, what jobs did you guys get?

Meadow: I'm a cat burgaler.

Um, Meadow? Has Jacob seen your uniform yet?

Meadow: No, why?

Just a piece of advice-you might want to change careers. Your fiancee has a lot of anger problems regarding burgalers.

Meadow: Fine, but this is the highest paying job I could find!

That's ok, it's worth it to keep Jacob sane.

Good morning!

Jacob: Today's our wedding day!

Really? Don't you two have work?

Jacob: I have the day off and Meadow doesn't work until 3. I called my sister and mother over for a party.

Wow, you grew up well Grace.

Grace: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Oh, that's right! Jacob's mother is pregnant.

Jacob: Why didn't you tell me?

Um...I wanted it to be a surprise.

Jacob: Hi, little baby...

Um, Jacob, it's almost time for the wedding. You might want to get dressed now.

You guys are the first in the nieghborhood to have a real wedding...

Jacob: Can you believe Mom's having another baby?

Yeah, a lot happened after you moved out, Jacob. Did Grace tell you about the twins?

Jacob: What twins?

I'll leave you two alone...

Looks like Grace is excited about the new sibling too.

Grace: I'm even more excited that I don't have to be a live-in nanny to this one.


Bags of chips. Nice wedding food.

Honeymoon time! Run, guys run!

So how was the...uh, sorry. I'll come back later.

What are you doing, Jacob?

Jacob: Meadow brought this thing home from work. I'm practicing lying.

Interesting way to pass time.

Meadow: I don't feel that great...

Oh, boy. Here we go again...

Meadow: I'm home...and promoted!

And I'm glad to see you switched careers.

Meadow: Yeah, Jacob was getting way to close to discovering what I did.

So I guess it wasn't bad grilled cheese, huh?

Meadow: I guess not...

Another career, another reward.

Meadow: I have the time off, I might as well work on my skills.

True story.

And I see Jacob is working on his skills as well...

Jacob: I'm going to be a celebrity chef in no time.

And this thing makes you guys money, too. Always a plus.

Meadow: Jacob...mysterious's time!

Meadow: Owwww

Jacob, get in here!!!


Meadow: It's a girl! Alexis!


Meadow: And what? There's only one of her.

Really? Are you serious? That's great! The spell is broken!

Meadow: What spell?

Never mind.

What a cute nursery.

Meadow: Well you decorated it...

This is true. Let me get a close shot of the baby.

I can see she's got her dad's red hair and her mom's blue eyes...

Say, where's Jacob?

Meadow: I'm not sure...

Hey Jacob, get up there and...what are you doing?

Jacob: Makin' robots!


Jacob: Because I can!


Um, excuse me, nanny? Not to interrupt your chess time, but the baby is upstairs in need of a diaper change, and seeing as how that's what your being paid for...

Meadow: I'm so happy to be home with my little Lexi!

I bet Lexi is happy too, after spending the day with that nanny.

Jacob: That robber...

Seriously, let it go Jacob! It's Alexis's birthday and Meadow is at work. It's all on you...

Happy birthday dear Alexis...

What a cute little redhead!

She looks so much like you, Jacob!

And the training begins!

A quick bedtime story...

Since there's only one of her, I can afford to take more pictures of her.

Jacob: Why are you so excited that there's only one of her?

Go and check out some of your neighbors, Jacob, and you'll understand.

Such a cute smile...hi, Lexi!

Jacob: Ok, I think it's time for bed...

But Lexi isn't that tired...

Jacob: I wasn't talking about her, I was talking about me.

Aww, a cute little big-girl bed for Alexis!

Jacob: That little cradle thing was just too small.

Well, as much as I would like to stick around I must be going- the week is up. I can't wait to get back to these guys and watch Alexis grow up-by herself!