Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Leonard 1: Round 1

Our last stop in round one is with the Leonard family, the largest in the neighborhood so far.

After what must have been the hundreth fight with his wife, Seth Leonard finally had enough and took his three children, teenage Morgan and the little twins, Ben and Logan, out of the house. Unfortunately he acted so hastley that he forgot to secure a place for them to live. Around this time, Seth's parents Bryce and Savannah lost the family savings and home when Bryce gambled the savings on a llama farm investment, and turned their only son for help.

Wow, 6 people. That's going to be quite a tight squeeze in one of these houses.

Morgan: Ok, did anyone else just hear that?

That's it. I'm posting a sign by the entrance to this place: "Home of the Mysterious Voice"

Morgan: Well, how were we supposed to know? Where do you live, anyway? There's just the six houses here.

You've got a very inquisitive daughter, Seth.

They're such cute boys.

Seth: I know. And this is probably going to be the most time I get to spend with them. I start work tomorrow.

What job did you get?

Seth: Well, I wanted science but there wasn't anything open. So I opted for medicine instead.

Makes sense.

Double potty time. Fun.

Seth: I'm so glad my parents are here to help.

I'd bet you'd be happier if your father hadn't lost the money investing in llamas...

Savannah: Let's not go there, shall we?

And the welcome wagon is here! Hey, Kayla. Hi, Daniel!

Seth: Kayla's kind of pretty...

Duley noted. How's it going, Daniel?

Daniel: Well, seeing as how I still don't have a job...

Why did I ask?

This family has so few entertainment options that watching a chess game is the most fun thing to do...

Who's heading to work?

Seth: Mom is. Me, her and Morgan are going to work while Dad stays home with the boys.

I see. Three incomes are certainly better than one.

Oh, Olivia showed up too. Great.

Bryce: Not really! I have to eat on the couch.

Well at least you're being included in the conversation.

More potty training?

Savannah: It never ends!!!

I know, I know.

Morgan: you have to cook the grilled cheese on a stove!

Glad to see you working on your skills, Morgan.

Oh, no! Why is there an ambulance? Seth, did you hurt yourself?

Seth: No. I'm an EMT. This is my ride to work.

Oh. Well, that's a good thing. Good Luck!

Good luck at school, Morgan!!

Um, Savannah, maybe playing with the scary black wolf isn't such a good idea.

That was fast. How was school?

Morgan: Alright, but my report card could be better.

Don't worry, soon it will be.

Hey Logan, what are you doing? That's Ben's bottle...

Hey Bryce, you want to do something about this?

Bryce: Nah. Boys will be boys.

Oh, great. You're such a help...

Come on, Ben! Fight for it!

Enjoy your ill-gotten milk, Logan. Don't think I won't remember this when you're older.

It just breaks your heart, doesn't it?

There we go. Nice job, Bryce.

Bryce: I'm not going to let the kid go hungry.

Yeah, but you'll let his brother steal stuff from him.

Happy birthday dear Logan and Ben...

Ben: Whoa, check out my hands!!

Logan: Mine are awesome, too!

Great. More hand-obsessed children.

Bryce: Um, mysterious voice, I'm a littel concerned about Ben's pants...

Hey, he can wear whatever he wants! If he wants to wear pink pants with hearts, he can wear pink pants with hearts!

Bryce: Whatever you say...

Plus, you guys don't have the money to go clothes shopping right now.

Logan: Why do I have to keep playing chess?

Think of it as payback.

Have fun, boys!

Morgan: All right! An A+

Great job! You'll be ready for college in no time!

How was school, Ben?

Ben: My grades aren't that great...

It's the first day. Don't worry about it.

And you, Logan?

Logan: Mine's the same as Ben's.

What a good big sister. But it must be hard to do homework on the lawn at night.

Morgan: Just a bit. But that's where they leave it.

The joys of having brothers.

Atta boy, Ben! Build those skills!

Hey, a new uniform?

Seth: Yup. I'm an intern now.


Ben: I missed you, Dad!

How sweet! Where's Logan?

Logan, get off the fridge! Bryce, a little help here?

Bryce: Ahh, boys will be boys.

Yeah, let's see if you stick by that once your fridge breaks.

Morgan: My head hurts...

You know, you can stop playing chess...

Morgan: No! I need eight logic points to get the scholarship, and I'm at seven. I'm so close!

Look, I promise I won't send you to college until you get that eighth point, ok? Now go eat breakfast.

Look, your grandfather learned to make pancakes.

Why are you talking to the paperboy?

Bryce: I'm trying to find someone for Morgan. That girl needs a boyfriend.

How nice. Creepy, but nice. Look, my week with you guys is up. I promise next week I will get Morgan's love life up and running, ok?

Bryce: Could you try to work on Seth, too?

I'll see what I can do.