Thursday, May 10, 2007

Larson House 1: Round Two

Last time, the Larson family moved into their new home in Tranquility Acres. Olivia got herself a job, little Grace built up her creativity by painting and then grew into a teen, and her older brother prepared for college, where he currently is. We'll catch up with him later.

Olivia: I can't believe I got robbed!

Oh, yeah. I forgot about that part.

Olivia: How could you forget? I don't have a couch, I don't have a bookcase, and he took our telescope so now I can't get the skills for my job!

Does having you friend Nicholas Richardson here make you feel better?

Olivia: Yeah, but why do you have to use his full name?

Just in case the nice people don't recognize him. It's been a while since we last saw him.

Olivia: Nice people? What nice people? There's other people watching me?

Never mind.

Ok, make that your boyfriend Nicholas.

Olivia: Say, do you want to move in with me and Grace?


Nicholas: Sure.

Well, I guess Grace had better say goodbye to her own room, huh?

Olivia: No, actually. With both our families' money combined, we have enough to add a second story to the house, with a bedroom for Grace and a bedroom for Nicholas's kids and father.

Hi, Mia. Long time no see.

Mia: Why do we have to move? I liked our old house!

Because your father makes rash decisions.

Daniel: Ok, that's it! I don't care what you say, mysterious voice! I'm getting myself a job!

Ok. Sure.

Daniel: Huh?

Grace doesn't work in the afternoons, and you guys have enough money so that she doesn't have to start. She can stay home and watch Mia.

Daniel: Ok...I'm getting a job in the slacker track!

What? You put up that much of a fight so that you could be a slacker?

How does it feel to not be the baby anymore, Grace?

Grace: She's kind of cute, I guess.

You know, I haven't seen Grace get up from that thing in awhile...

Grace: I'm building my logic skill for college!

Good idea, but maybe you should take a break.

Nicholas: Olivia, will you marry me?

Looks like a yes to me! We're gonna have a wedding!

Olivia: I'm so excited about the wedding...

Nicholas: Me too...

Hey, hey, hey! The mysterious voice is still in the room!

Grace: Aww, man!

Maybe you should focus less on logic and work on that cooking skill, Grace.

Olivia: I don't feel so good...


Nicholas: Why is this letter scented?

Oh, that's a love letter from Jacob's girlfriend, Meadow. I don't know why it's showing up at your house seeing as how he moved out at the end of last round.

Welcome home, Mia! I've got a surprise for you!

Mia: What?

Mia: Oh, it's so pretty! Thanks mysterious voice!

You're welcome, honey.

Aww, your first kiss, William. Not the girl I would have chosen, but...

William: Oh, she's not the girl I'm choosing either.


William: I just wanted a first kiss so badly....

So I guess it wasn't food poisoning, huh?

Olivia: I guess not.

William: So you're having a baby?

Olivia: Yup.

Mia: I got an A+! I got an A+!

Well, since your father's too obsessed with the chessboard, I'll cheer for you. Great job, Mia!

Grace: You know, this outfit isn't that bad...

No, it isn't. William, what are you doing on the computer?

William: I'm moving to college. This place is getting too crowded.

I don't disagree with you there.

That entry way is becoming your little romance spot, isn't it?

Olivia: Yeah, it is. But I think I should tell you we're keeping our own last names. So the baby will still be a Larson.

Happy birthday to Mia!!

Yeah, the rotting chile con carne really sets the birthday mood.

Well, at least your outfit isn't from the 1950's. What asperation would you like, my dear?

Mia: Family.

Great, that will help with the baby on the way.

Grace: What's going on? Why am I hearing that gravily voice?

That gravily voice would be the grim reaper, dear. I'm afraid Daniel's time has come.

Grace: But why did you go so far away?

Well, I felt a moment such as this is better observed from far away.

Grace: That grim reaper creeps you out too, doesn't it?

Grace: I can't believe he's gone!

Grace, he wasn't even your grandfather! Calm down.

Nicholas: It just happened so fast...

Ok, you crying makes more sense. I'm sorry about your dad.

Well, would you look at that. One life ends, another begins.


Olivia: It's a boy! Meet Mark!

Olivia: Um, something doesn't feel right....

You have got to be kidding me...

Olivia: Ok, make that two boys. Meet Roger.

Two more boys. Wow. Someone better start having some girls soon.

At least you guys have a couple of great live in babysitters. Which brings me to the question-why is the nanny still here?

Olivia: I hired her when Grace was little and Jacob lived at home and was working. I can't bear to fire her.

And the boys get their own bedroom too?

Olivia: Well, we had the extra bedroom after Daniel died...

Very sensitive, Olivia.

I'm glad to see you guys like your new bedroom set.

Olivia: Oh, it's great.

What a great team.

Atta girl, Mia. You're going to be sticking around the longest so you might as well get used to being the babysitter.

I just realized I haven't seen the babies close up yet. Which one is this?

Mia: This one is Mark, with the green eyes.

Ahh, and I can see a trace of blue eyes on Roger. Good, we have a way to tell them apart.

Happy birthday babies! Say, where's Olivia?

I guess that first night in the new bedroom got a little out of hand, huh?

One toddler...

Two toddlers! And their both adorable!

And the training begins!

Olivia: I can't believe I have toddler twins and a baby on the way.

And believe me, it will only be one baby. I will make sure of it. I have my ways.

Well, at least you still have the girls home to help.

Hey Nicholas, shouldn't you be at work right now?

Nicholas: I had to take a day off to help. Olivia is so exhausted and the girls are at school.

Ok, well, it loooks like my second week with you guys is up. I'll be back next round to see how the training is going.

Mia: Can't you stay to see the baby be born?

No, I'm sorry but my hands are tied. I'll see the baby next round.


Pie Pierrot said...

Daniel, nooooo! He didn't even get to go to the job he so badly wanted! ;_; RIP Daniel, we will miss your complaining.