Sunday, May 13, 2007

Greene 1: Round 2

When we last left the Greene family, Ethan and his two children Alyssa and Joshua moved to Tranquility Acres. Joshua grew from a toddler to a child, Alyssa prepared for college, and Ethan found a new wife. At the end of last round, he had married a neighborhood woman named Marisa, who gave birth to twin boys named Carter and Carson.

What are you doing, Josh?

Joshua: I'm painting! Did you know I can make money doing this?

Um...yeah, I did. But good job!

Alyssa: Mysterious voice, help! I don't know what I'm doing! Why is he cryiing?

Well Alyssa, you see that green gas he's giving off? You might want to take care of that.

Alyssa, what are you doing? What is that thing?

Alyssa: I don't care! I feel great!

Ok, whatever.

Glad to see you're better with the babies than your daughter, Ethan.

On second thought...

Ethan: What is wrong with these boys? They won't stop crying!

I'll admit, these do seem to be the most difficult babies I've seen.

Oh good. Now Marisa has discovered that thing. Any clue what it is yet?

Marisa: Whooo....nope...whooo

What a good mommy you are, Marisa.

Marisa: For some reason they're only quiet when I'm holding them.

And that makes three people who've risked death in this thing.

Ethan: I'm not risking death!

How do you know? You don't even know what it is.

Josh, why are you petting a cat?

Joshua: She just showed up. Can we get a kitty?

Not right now. Your sister's leaving for college soon, and you've still got two babies in the house to worry about.

Allow me to point something out. The nanny was holding Carter right next to his crib, and yet decided to put him on the floor instead. Great job, nanny.

Happy birthday babies!

Well, Carson certainly got his Mommy's nose, didn't he?

And Carter got his father's. This is a good thing-it's the only way I can tell them apart.

Hey guys, I think the twins...Oh, sorry. Man, this is awkward.

Well Alyssa, since your parents, busy at the moment, it's up to you to potty train the twins.

Alyssa: Do I have to?

Yes. But don't worry, you're going to be leaving soon.

Would someone care to explain to me why the cops are here?

Marisa: Well, we all wanted a pet, so...

You're kidding, right?

I guess not.

Alyssa: Meet Misty.

Misty. That's an odd name for a fire-orange kitten.

Alyssa: Say bottle.

Carter: No!!

Alyssa: Can I leave yet?

Not just yet. It's Josh's birthday tomorrow, once he's a teen you can go.

Alyssa finally gave up, huh?

Marisa: Yeah, I don't blame her.

Happy birthday to Joshua!

Very nice, Josh. What would you like your asperation to be?

Joshua: Um... Family, I guess.

Alrighty, then. And now that you're a teen, that means Alyssa's going to college! See you after graduation, Alyssa!

Aww, your first kiss. See, I told you guys that you were going to be together.

Marisa: What the...

Um, Marisa? Care to explain?

Marisa: I don't understand....we were so careful...

A family study session?

Ethan: Yeah. I need skill points for work, Josh needs them for college, and Marisa needs something to do.

Would you look at that? Carson's dancing to the stereo!

Marisa: Whoa!

It's getting closer...

Marisa...what are you eating?

Marisa: Well, you made such a big deal about cheesecake after the twins were born, I decided I should learn how to make it.

How much did you eat?

Marisa: Just this one slice.

Ok, but don't eat any more!

Marisa: Why?

I'll explain later.

Another day, another birthday.

Don't get too excited, Marisa. You've got another one on the way, remember? Those toddler years aren't done yet.

Are you guys ready for school?

Carter: But tomorrow's Saturday!

Good point. Glad to see you're smart.

Marisa: Owwwww!!!

Here we go...


Marisa: Another boy. Meet Conner.

You have got to be kidding me. There must be something in the water.

What a cute little family.

Marisa: Whoa...hang on, I don't think we're done yet.

Of course not.

Marisa: We've got a girl too! Meet Caydance.

I told you not to eat any more cheesecake!

Interesting decor, Marisa.

Marisa: We'll redecorate later, I promise.

Ok, whatever. Let me see the babies.

Tranquility Acres' first baby girl, ladies and gentlemen!

And the fifth baby boy!

At least they don't seem to be as fussy as the first twins were.

Who are you calling, Joshua?

Joshua: I'm getting my scholarships all lined up for college.

Hold on, you're not going anywhere yet. Wait until next round.

Good job, boys! Build up those skill points!

Carson: I've got 9 logic points!

Already? Awesome!

Looks like Misty went through some changes as well. I kind of miss the bright orange fur.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Misty, the singing cat!

And so the last day of the week has begun.

Marisa: Ok, you boys finish eating then it's right back to chess and painting.

Quite the taskmaster, aren't we Marisa?

You guys have had more birthdays this week...

He got his mommy's nose too...

And she is just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

You wanna play in the potty?

Hey, there will be none of that!

How does it feel to finally have a daughter?

Ethan: I already had one...remember Alyssa?

Oh, right.

And the training begins!!!

Ok, it's Monday again and time for me to move on. Tell you what, you guys keep working on that, and I'll check back in with you next round. Bye, Greenes!