Saturday, October 13, 2007

Geller 2: Round 5

Last round was an extremely eventful one for the Geller family. Oldest daughter Emma grew to a teen and struggled to find a boyfriend, but all of her potential dates seemed more interested in her father's guitar system than her. Meanwhile, Grace became pregnant once again and, despite Noah's prediction, gave birth to not one but two more daughters, Ella and Eryn, and middle child Erika grew into a lovely little girl. Somehow in the midst of all this, Grace also acheived her lifetime goal of becoming Tranquility Acre's mayor. Will this week be as crazy as last week?

Well, this looks promising. Eryn is out of her crib by herself and coming in to wake up her parents.

Erika: I'll see you after school, Ella.

I feel a lot of sisterly love in this house.

Speaking of sisterly love, look who dropped by! It's Aunt Harmony!

Noah: How could you get away from work and the kids?

Yeah, you seem to spend more time with your sibling's families than your own.

I'm seeing an oppertunity for some extended family bonding!

Harmony: Hi there, Ella...

That would be Eryn.

Harmony: Oh, sorry. It's times like this I'm glad my twins were one of each.

Oh, there's Ella.

Noah: I'm glad Harmony is so good with kids. Having her entertain Eryn helps out a lot.

Erika, it's not a good idea to pet a strange animal.

Erika: But she's so pretty and white! Can we get a dog?

I think your house is crazy enough right now.

As I was saying...

Noah: Ok, at a time!

Don't worry Noah. It's almost over.

See? It's time for a birthday!!!

What a pretty little girl.

Ella: Thanks mysterious voice!

Make that a double birthday!

Another beautiful little girl, and they still have different pajamas!

Eryn: Thanks...I guess.

Oh, I guess it's a triple birthday. That's a lot of cake.

Wow, a teen growing into a halfway decent outfit. You don't see that all the time. So what asperation would you like, Erika?

Erika: Family.

Taking after your big sister, I see.

Glad to see everyone still gets along. And is that a new hairstyle I see?

Ella: Yeah. Eryn has one too. It's sort of the same, but not the same.

Oh, that's clear.

Have a good first day, girls.

Finally! Someone puts their homework on their desk!

Erika: Well now that I have my own room I don't have to share the desk anymore.

Oh, now I see what you meant about the hair.

Eryn: I love you, Smokey.

Don't hold a rodent that close to your face.

Ok, and it looks like we've got a little gymnast in this one.

Homework time!

Ella: What's the answer to...

Hey, no cheating!

Erika: Just concentrate on the fish...just concentrate on the fish.

Cool it, you two. Your daughter is in the room.

Man, there's family reunions going on all over the place this week.

Noah: How's it going, honey?

Emma: Great!

Very sweet, but I just realized that I need to get Emma some new clothes.

Emma: Yeah, that would be nice.

Ella: Wow! My first A+!!!!

Great job!

Eryn: Mine too!

Double great job!

Now Aunt Julia is over! You guys are like magnets for extended family.

Noah: She came home from work with Grace.

Awww. I don't think there is a cuter set of siblings in town.

Oh, hi Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: We were just talking about how there's no boys for us to date yet.

We're getting there. I promise.

Noah: Great job with that A+, honey!

About 36 hours late, but ok.

Grace: Now you fix it, and I'll mop...

That's what I call teamwork!

Yeah, that's right paper boy. Just keep walking by casually as the tree burns down. I'm glad things didn't work out between you and Emma.

Don't you think you're a little old to be splasing in the puddles?

Noah: No.

See? At least Grace is being more productive.

Grace: Yup. Isn't this fish amazing?

I guess artistic talent runs in the family.

You got a bird?

Erika: Well, I'm leaving soon and I don't want the twins to be too lonely. His name is Emmet.


So Grace, think things are going to calm down next week with only two girls in the house?

Grace: Well, this one is still bugging us for a dog. It might happen next week.

What about you, Noah? Ready to say goodbye to another daughter?

Noah: It's always hard. Plus, Grace and I are approaching a big birthday...

Well then, I guess that just about wraps up this week. Erika, don't worry. There'll be some boys around town really soon. I promise. Bye, Gellers!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Noah and Grace could have actually aged to elder on the last night, but I just couldn't do it. Both of them were just kids when they moved in-I just wasn't ready. It can wait until next week.