Saturday, October 6, 2007

Leonard 1: Round 5

When we last visited the Leonard family, Seth and Kayla struggled to keep up with their twin daughters Riley and Rachel. Between jumping on the furniture and flooding the bathrooms, the girls kept life around the house very eventful. In the middle of the week, the girls became teenagers and Riley went on her first date with Conner Greene. The week ended with Seth and Kayla becoming elders and the girls leaving for college. Now, Rachel is moving back in with her fiancee Adrien Richardson.

Oh, look! We're just in time for the wedding! Um, Adrien, do you mind turning your cell phone off?

So who's taking who's name?

Adrien: I'm taking Rachel's. This is always going to be the Leonard house-it wouldn't make sense if we were the Richardson family.

Speaking of being the Leonard house...

Seth: Oh, hi myserious voice!

Glad to see that elderhood hasn't taken the spark out of your marriage.

Savannah's Ghost: Ooga Booga!!!

Seth: Ahhh!

Great...look who's back?

Whoa, sweet ride! But what are you doing home so early?

Rachel: It's a long story...but I'm a buisness tycoon now.

Really? You've only been out of college for like 2 days.

Rachel: I know. Gotta love those chance cards. But I really want to become an education minister.

Well, at least you can make some good money while you wait for that job to show up.

Rachel: That helicopter is so loud!!!!!

You're telling me-especially when you're listening to it through headphones.

Rachel: What?

Never mind.

You two have got to be the cutest couple ever.

Adrien: Thanks.

Oh, great. The tree's on fire.

Seth: Fire! Fire!

No! Everyone stay inside! The rain will put it out.

I see everything's progressing according to schedule...

Rachel: At least I won't have to go to work for a few days.

A family fishing day?

Kayla: We're all so excited about the baby. I can't wait to have a grandchild.

You know, you have 6 grandchildren already.

Kayla: No I don't...

Yeah, you do. 5 from Tyler, and one more from Riley. Plus, you've got two great-grandchildren now from Gregory and Christopher.

Kayla: I think I need to lie down.

Rachel: It's almost here!


I see Adrien has discovered a new talent.

Rachel: Isn't he good?


Another baby born in the bathroom...try saying that one five times fast.

Rachel: Can we focus, please?



Rachel: We've got a baby boy!

It's about time we got some more boys around here. What's his name?

Rachel: Ashton. We've decided that all our boys are going to have names starting with A, and all our girls will have names starting with R.

Glad you have a plan.

What a cute nursery.

Rachel: Yeah. We re-did the whole house after Ashton was born. It was time for a change.

He has his dad's eyes...

What a loving husband.

Rachel: Adrien!

Oh, look. Savannah's back. And we had to move her urn when they re-did the house. This should be fun.

Here we go...

Savannah's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Adrien: Ahhhh!

Scare number one...

Stop picking on Adrien...

Savannah Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Adrien: Ahhh!!

Rachel: Here, dear. Take Ashton. She won't scare you when you're holding a baby.

Rachel, what about...

Never mind.

Rachel: Oh, it's ok. I'm a knowledge sim. I've been wanting to see her for awhile.

Could have fooled me.

Adrien: It's ok, Ashton. She won't come up here...

You guys should start a ghost support group with the Larsons.

Now that the night of terror is over, how about a birthday?

He may have his dad's eyes, but that nose is all Rachel.

Rachel: What?

I didn't say he wasn't cute!

Ahh, the pinicle of wisdom and maturity.

Rachel: That's it, Ashton, you can do it...

Seth: Can you say Grandpa?

Ashton: Noo!

What a cute little bear cub!

Rachel: That's it...pull the ear and he'll talk to you.

It's great that you're all so involved with Ashton.

Rachel: Well, if we all hang out up here we're not down there getting scared to death.

Ok, let me get this straight. You're married. You have a child. But you've never had a first kiss?

Rachel: I guess we just forgot.

How do you like your new bedroom?

Rachel: It's beautiful.

Well, it looks like we've reached the end of the week. Now it's on to yet another Larson house to check in with my favorite redheads.

Hmm, something tells me Ashton's not going to be an only child for long. I'll see you guys next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Never move a ghost's urn and delete their bed in the same week! It makes them very angry.