Thursday, October 4, 2007

Larson 1: Round 5

Welcome back to another fabulous round in Tranquility Acres!!! Wow, we've reached round 5 already! It seems like just yesterday the town was being settled. But enough nastalgia. We've come back to the original Larson family, which just got a little bit bigger with youngest daughter Maureen moving back in after graduating college with her fiancee Peter Leonard.

And I'm immediatly greeted by a loose bird. This week is going to be good.

Oh, there's Peter and Maureen. Everybody settling in alright?

Maureen: It's like I never left.

Well, time stops when I leave you guys so were never gone.

Hey, Olivia! How's elderhood treating you?

Olivia: It doesn't feel that different. I still have to get up and make breakfast in the morning for everyone.

Give them a break-it's their wedding day!

See? Here come the guests!

At least it's not snowing at this wedding.

So, who's taking who's last name?

Maureen: I'm taking Peter's. I don't mind being traditional.

Oh, ok.

Aww, look at the proud big brother!

Maureen: Ok, the wedding's over! Let the party begin!

And I know what that means...

Pillow fights!!

Oh, look! Jacob showed up.

Olivia: Hi, son! Long time no see!

It's kind of weird that your youngest daughter and Jacob's oldest daughter went to college together...

Oh, great. Look who's back to spoil the party...

Daniel's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Olivia: Ahhh!

Destiny: You should go get a lawyer about this...

Yeah, I'll get right on that, Destiny.

Honeymoon time!!! Have fun, you guys!

Oh, great. Now Daniel's posessing the lamps.

Maureen: When we got engaged I was hoping we'd get to start our own house.

Peter: Well, look at it this way. We've got plenty of money now.

See? Peter understands the plan.

Another lamp posession. Seriously, what did you guys ever do to Daniel?

Ok, Daniel, I don't know if ghosts can listen to me, but you're dead. You don't need outerwear anymore!

Daniel's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Maureen: Ahhh!!!

Ok, now she wasn't even born yet when you died. What could she possibly have done?

What a good husband!

Maureen: I'm not feeling that great today.

Gee, I wonder why.

I see you've become the handyman around here.

Peter: I don't mind helping Nicholas and Olivia out.

I guess that explains the not feeling well...

Maureen: I guess so.

New hairstyle?

Maureen: I was sick of my hair changing when I got pregnant. I had to change it back, I figured why not try something new?

It looks great.

Maureen: Hey, there Squawky!

I'm glad you're enjoying him, but can we please keep the cage closed?

Here we go again...

Daniel's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Peter: Ahhh!

Everybody together now...

Daniel's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Olivia: Ahhh!

Maureen: So it looks like we're going to have a baby.

Peter: Really? Here?

Of course here. Where else?

Peter: Okay....

Oh, great. Look who Olivia brought home with her!

Audrey: You didn't tell me she was at your house!

Peter: I think that ghost is out again...

Of course he is. What else is new?

It's any minute now...

So do we think that extra seat is going to be filled with a boy or a girl?

Olivia: It's a girl. I know it.

Peter: No, I'm pretty sure it's a boy.

I really hope Peter's right.

I guess it's time to find out!

Maureen: Owww!

So who was right?

Maureen: My mom. We've got a baby girl.

Another girl? I thought we'd hit the boy spurt.

Maureen: Nope. Meet Joanne.

Yeah, don't get up to meet the new baby or anything, Peter...

Brown hair, blue eyes. No surprises here...

How's it feel to have another granddaughter, Olivia?

Olivia: Great. Especially since she lives here and I can really help out with this one.

It's about time you met your new daughter...

Peter: She's beautiful...she looks just like Maureen.

Olivia: Whew! I finally did it!

Did what?

Olivia: Became a Mad Scientist! It's my lifelong dream.

Really? Great!

New bedroom set?

Maureen: Our old one looked too much like my parents.

Peter: Why don't we try it out...

Ok, that's my cue to exit.

Daniel's Ghost: Ooga Booga!!!

Olivia: Ahhh!

It's a miracle no one has been scared to death here!

Late night?

Maureen: I think that Grandpa's ghost is waking her up. I know it's important to keep family graves at home, but...

I know. We'll have to see if it gets any better by the time she's a child.

Although it doesn't look like it. That's another broken lamp to Daniel's credit...

Guess that test run of the new bed gave you more than you bargained for, huh?

Starting a garden?

Olivia: It's not like I have anything else to do with my time now.


Maureen: Have a nice nap, honey. The ghost won't come out during the day...

Although I bet this one would if he could.

Maureen: It's almost time....

Time for what?

It's her birthday already? I guess tme really does fly when you're trying to keep track of four careers and a ghost.

I see the tropical dresses run in the family. We're going to have to change her hair, though...

There we go. Much better. And she does look just like her mom.

Maureen: Say "mama"

Joanne: Noooo!!

Well at least she's learned one word.

Maureen: Oh, my...

Following in your mom's footsteps, huh?

Maureen: What are you talking about?

Your mom got pregnant with you right after Mark and Roger became toddlers. Having kids really close together is a family tradition for you guys, I guess.

Maureen: Come on, Joanne. The more things you can do by yourself the less work for Mommy.

Interesting method of motivation.

Maureen: That's right, the baby is right in here...

I don't think she's that interested, Maureen.

Aww, bonding time with Grandpa, I see?

Nicholas: This is the first of my grandkids that I've actually spent any time with.

You guys don't get out enough.

She is just so adorable...

Maureen: Thanks!

I was actually talking about Joanne...

Maureen: Oh...I knew that.

Time for Dad to take over the teaching duties.

Peter: Now that Maureen's pregnant again I figured I'd give her a break.

Daniel's Ghost: Ooga Booga!!!


If you can call that a break...

Peter: It's super-baby!!!

Now come on. How cute is that?

More grandparent-bonding time. Olivia, I have not seen you take that jacket off for like 3 days. Aren't you hot?

Olivia: No, not really.

Ok, whatever you say.

Daniel's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Peter: Ahhh!

Seriously Daniel, what did any of these people ever do to you?

Looks like baby number 2 is almost here! But, unfortunately, we're going to have to wait a while to see it. The end of the week is drawing near...

And of course Daniel has to finish it off. I'll see you guys next week...

Daniel's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Maureen: Ahhh!

Assuming no one gets scared to death before then.