Saturday, October 27, 2007

Larson 4: Round 5

Last round, Kristin Leonard and Mark Larson celebrated their wedding. Mark dove headfirst into his career in law enforcement, and by the end of the week had already achieved his lifetime goal of becoming Captain Hero. Meanwhile, Kristin spent most of the week at home despite having a job of her own, as she soon became pregnant with her first child. Even after the birth of her daughter, Elphaba, Kristin continued to spend almost all her time in her backyard garden earning herself a gold gardening badge.

Yup, this seems about right.

Kristin: Ok, you harvest and I'll follow you with the fertilizer.

I have to admit, those tomatoes look pretty good.

Mark: You know, everyone around here seems to be growing up.

You can say that again.

Kristin: You know, we really should take advantage of being young...

Point taken. I'm out of here.

And here's my first glimpse of little Elphaba for the week.

Kristin: Come on, honey. It's nap time.

Isn't she a bit big for that cradle now?

Kristin: Maybe, but there's no sense in changing it now. She grows up soon.


Mark: I'm home!

I see that...nice outfit.

Nothing like being young, huh?

Kristin: ...

Well, that's one way to make your wife feel better.

So do you think Elphaba's ready for a little brother or sister?

Kristin: Well I hope so.

Man, all those phones ringing and they're still completely focused on each other. Now that's love...

Um, Mark? Two questions...

Mark: Yeah?

First, do you really need to leave a bouquet when you went on a date with your wife? And second, why are you leaving it next to the pile of trash?

Mark: Of course I do. And...I don't know about the trash. I'll just clean that up.

Happy birthday dear Elphaba...

Wow, I'd go so far as to say she's one of the prettiest kids in town!

Elphaba: Thanks!

Why do all of your family moments happen in the bathroom?

Mark: Why not?

You're such a good father, Mark.

Mark: Well, I am a family sim. I would hope so.

That new baby's coming...

Kristin: I guess I've got a few more days at home.

Back to the garden?

Kristin: Yup.

Elphaba: Dad, what's our state bird?

State bird? I don't think you guys even have birds.

Mark: Maybe it's a trick question.

Kristin: Maybe we can play catch later. If I'm up to it.

You mean if you're out of the garden by then.


Kristin: It's time!!!

Kristin: It's a boy!

Things are finally starting to even out around here. What's his name?

Kristin: Fiyero.

Wow, we're getting creative with the names in this town now.

He sure is a cutie...but surprise, surprise, he has brown hair. Just like every other baby in town.

Kristin: Of course he does. What else would he have?

At least he got his dad's green eyes.

Elphaba: Yeah! It's snowing!

Actually, it was snowing 5 hours ago. While you were still sleeping.

Elphaba: Check it out! My first A+!

See? It's a good thing today wasn't a snow day.

Mark: What's wrong, buddy?

Do you really not see the green gas?

Elphaba: I'm doing so good in math!

Great job. You must be doing well; I don't even understand what that means.

I see the garden's becoming a family affair.

Kristin: It's how we bond.

Uh-huh. Sure.

At least she's getting some benefit.

Elphaba: It's kind of fun, too.

Kristin: Are you ready, Fiyero?

Ready? Ready for what?

Mark: Ready to grow up!

Of course. Happy birthday dear Fiyero...

Still a cutie...even with the confetti blocking his face.

Mark: Say "dada"

Fiyero: Dada!

Wow, he actually said it on the first try. This one's smart!

Not missing a beat, huh?

Mark: He's so smart! Even without the special milk.

Well, I think the milk helped a little.

Back in the garden again?

Elphaba: This garden is so big! Everyone has to help.

Mark: Come on, Fiyero. It's time to learn to walk.

Yeah, soon you'll have to walk out to the greenhouse and pull weeds.

Kristin: Good night, sweetheart.

What a nice ending to the week. It's nice to have a week without any surprises.

Kristin: I don't feel so good.

Or not.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: This house was actually pretty uneventful, but that huge garden kept everyone occupied. Kristin is also the first Sim that I'm trying to achieve the "50 dream dates" LTW for. Wish me luck!