Monday, October 22, 2007

Greene 4: Round 5

Last time, Harmony and Carson Greene continued to raise their son, Steven, with the help of Harmony's parents Chloe and Sam. Carson continued to advance in his business career while Harmony rose through the ranks of education despite her lifelong dream to be a general. Soon, Harmony became pregnant again and thanks to a little snack made by Chloe gave birth to a set of twins, John and Jenna.

How cute...

Carson: Oh, hi mysterious voice!

So what's going on?

Harmony: Not much. We're just waiting for the big moment.

Big moment?

Oh, another double birthday. Happy birthday dear John and Jenna...

You look so much like your mom it's scary.

Jenna: Thanks, I think.

And John got his dad's nose for sure...

John: Is that bad?

Not really. Your dad seems to be pulling it off.

So, any plans for a fourth child?

Harmony: As a matter of fact, yes.

Carson: We want it to happen while Harmony's parents are still alive to help out though.

Well then you'd better get started. I'll leave you two alone.

Ahh, the image of wisdom and maturity.

Gee, I wonder where you get it from.

Jenna: I bet I get more skill points than you!

John: You're on!

See, this is competition I encourage.

Worshiping the toilet, Harmony?

Harmony: I think a fourth baby is on the way!

Um, Harmony?

Harmony: Yes?

You're aware of what you're eating, right?

Harmony: Of course. I'm having cheesecake.

Didn't you learn your lesson last time?

Jenna: Grandpa, will you help me with my homework?

As crazy as it is having all of these people, I have to admit that the grandparents do help out quite a bit.

Even if they do it in their underwear...

Chloe: Hey, it makes him concentrate on the homework harder.

Odd strategy.

Another birthday! Happy birthday dear Steven!

Hmmm, the shorts are going to have to go, but otherwise I approve.

Steven: Umm, thanks.

So what do you want to do with your life?

Steven: I think I'd like to study...

Ok, knowledge it is.

More cheesecake?

Harmony: Look, my dad really wants to have 20 grandkids. Right now, he's at 18. I hate to say it, but he's probably not going to live much longer and this pregnancy is the last hope.

I see. That's very sweet of you to take on raising another set of twins to make your dad happy.

Harmony: Well, he did it. He raised Julia and Destiny before Melody and I, plus Noah.

That's true.

I guess there's no going back now, huh?

Harmony: Nope.

John: I heard Mom say she got a new job as an astronaut!

Jenna: That's so cool!

It is nice that she finally got herself into the right track to achieve her life goal.

Jenna: Wanna play red hands, Grandpa?

Sam: Sure, honey.

Sam: You're doing a great job raising my grandkids.

Quite a change from last week...

Steven: Check it out!

Um...ok. I guess there's nothing else you need to be worrying about. Your skills are pretty much set for college.

John: Yeah! You sound great!

Glad to see the twins support each other so much.

Sam: Do you think the baby will be born tonight?

Chloe: How should I know?

Jenna: Look! My first A+!

Great job!

I think I know who the favorite is in this family...

Carson: We love all our children equally.

Then why haven't you played or danced with John once all week?

Jenna: Did you see my A+, Grandpa?

Sam: I sure did, honey. Great job!

You're giving birth in the shower?

Harmony: I didn't choose the location!

So? Did the cheesecake work?

Harmony: Well, we've got at least one more boy. Meet Rainn.

Odd name choice, but I'm glad to have another boy in town.

Harmony: And I don't think we're done yet!

Looks like the cheesecake work!

Harmony: Looks like we've got another girl, too. Meet Melora.

Melora? You guys sure are getting creative.

How do these babies have their own rooms?

Harmony: Split the garage in half, and parked the cars outside.

I see.

Well, I can tell she has brown hair.

And so does her brother. I wish I could see their eyes.

Oh, not the gypsy again.

Steven: I don't have any female friends. I need all the help I can get.

Sure, great help there.

Steven: Why are you so mean to these girls?

Look, I've got nothing against...Ivy, is it? But I just see better things for you. Just be nice to her and let the date run out.

I guess you are an astronaut, huh Harmony?

Harmony: I sure am. I'll be a general in no time.

How's it going, Carson?

Carson: Fine. We're twin veterans now, remember?

So how does it feel to be holding your 20th grandchild?

Sam: Amazing. I can't believe I have so many.

Oh, Carson....

Carson: Um, everyone, I don't want to alarm you but...

Carson, there is an alarm going off. I don't think you can help but alarm them.

Hey, cool it you two! I don't want any more twins this week!

As I was saying, someone's the favorite in this house...

Jenna: Ha ha...hey, that tickles!

Hey, what did I just say!

Oh, no... I think we've reached another milestone! The first of the founding adults to die.

Sure, Harmony. Put Melora down right next to the Grim Reaper. That won't scar her for life or anything.

Wow, I didn't expect myself to get so emotional about this. At least she died happily.

Tranquility Acre's first platinum grave, everybody. And of course, she died right in the middle of Melora's nursery.

Of course. Now you put her in the crib.

Harmony: Leave me alone. My mother just died.

Well I'm glad to see John's not to disturbed by the whole thing.

Well, nothing better to do now than move on with life. And what better way than another double birthday?

I think I'm seeing Carson's nose again...

Now onto Melora...

And Melora's another carbon copy of her mom.

I see the grief is still raw in here...even for little Rainn.

Carson: I remember my first kiss...

Of course, Carson is living up to his pleasure asperation 100%.

That's it, Harmony. Keep yourself busy.

Rainn: Chair!

Interesting first word.

Steven: I can't believe Grandma's gone!

I know, Steven.

How are you doing, Jenna?

Jenna: Ok, I guess.

It's about time you two bonded anyway.

Carson: Come on, Melora...

I see she has a new outfit. Very nice.

Um...why am I seeing a puppy?

Carson: Well, everybody's been wanting a pet for awhile and we thought it might help with the grieving.

The kids seem to be doing just fine with their fishing.

Jenna: Look what I caught!

Sam: Who's a cute little doggy? Who's a cute little doggy?

I think the puppy's helping Sam more than the kids.

Sam: Come on, Melora. Just one word...

Melora: Nooo!

She looks just like her sister did.

Sam: I know...

Not another visit from the gypsy...

Gypsy: I'll try harder this time...

Well, she does live in town. And you've got a nice score of 10 so I guess you can counteract it if your kids come out mean. Alright, I approve.

Steven: Thanks, she's awesome!

Rebecca: Don't talk to her!

Couple number 5 should be fun.

Maybe we should have waited to get the puppy...

And of course he died in Melora's room too. I feel so bad for that little thing...she's probably traumatized for life.

Jenna: I miss Grandpa!

I know, honey. I miss him too.

Harmony: I can't believe both my parents are gone!

But they both died happily.

Sorry about Sam, Carson.

Carson: I know. But now I have to make sure the twins are ready to grow up. I don't think Harmony's going to be able to handle it.

Well, that brings us to the end of a very bittersweet week in Tranquility Acres. I'll see you guys next round.

Carson: Bye, mysterious voice!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Man, if I thought I wasn't ready to see Chloe and Sam become elders, it was nothing compared to watching them die. This was the most heartbreaking week so far in this challenge. Jenna really was her grandfather's favorite-he was always rolling up wants to play with her or talk to her. It was so sad watching her cry after he died. And on a side note, I didn't know that Sims in gold asperation also get get the Hawiian send-off. I thought that was only reserved for platinum Sims.