Saturday, October 13, 2007

Greene 2: Round 5

Last week, the Bryanna Greene finally acheived her lifelong dream of maxing out all of her skills. Her daughter Mackenzie followed in her mother's intellectual footsteps as she grew to a teenager and prepared for college while her son Alexander grew from a toddler into a child. With her lifelong dream fulfilled, Bryanna occupied herself by getting pregant for a third time and gave birth to a second son, named Mason. Throughout all of this, the ghost of Bryanna's grandmother Ella wreaked havoc on the entire household. Let's hope she calms down this week.


Ella's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Alexander: Ahhhh!

Joshua: Come on, buddy. You can do it.

This only having boys thing is quite a change of pace from the past few houses I've visited.

Joshua: Man, this potty training thing is hard work.

Oh, yeah. Put the toddler down and stand there. Try doing it where I'm from.

Joshua: And that would be?

Never you mind.

Joshua: And if you're a good boy, the mysterious voice might let us go on a vacation...

I keep telling you, not for a few more months! How do you guys even know about that, anyway?

Alexander: Look, I got an A+!

And you look so excited about it too.

Oh, and you brought home a friend!

Alexander: I think I grow up before you...

Yeah, you do. But that doesn't mean you can't be friends.

But it also wouldn't hurt to get to know her older sister.

Glad to see you two getting along.

Alexander: Wanna play again?

Bryanna: Come on, Mason. Say "Mama."

Mason: Gwowing...

Does that count as a first word?

A new outfit for Mommy, I see.

Bryanna: That's right, Mason! The ghosts come out at night.

It's sad that they have to teach the children this as a true fact.

Bryanna: Did you hear that Grace down the street is our new mayor? I don't remember voting for a new mayor.

Erm...that's because you didn't. She just got promoted.

Bryanna: But how can there be a mayor without us voting?

Look, I didn't make up the system, ok?

Joshua: I thought you made up everything. You're the mysterious voice. Is there a more mysterious voice than you that we can't see or hear?

Oh, great. Audrey's here.

Audrey: Shut up. I don't want to see you either.

Bryanna, did you have to greet her?

Bryanna: She was walking by with her dog, and I thought it might be nice if the boys had some experience with animals.

Oh, and Mackenzie dropped by.

Mackenzie: I love the new outfit, Mom.

Especially since both you and Joshua spent most of last round in your underwear, the skirt and blouse is a nice change.

Shouldn't you two be doing this inside?

Alexander: What? Water isn't dangerous.

Yes, but lightning is.

Again with the splashing in the puddles...

Bryanna: It's fun!

Enjoying some sibling quality time?

Mackenzie: He was born so close to when I left, I never got to bond with him much.

Yes, well...wait a minute. What's that I see in the background?

It's daytime! What are you doing here?

Mason: Scawy....

And once again, Ella's ghost is beginning her totally unjustified wrath.

Speaking of unjustified wraths...

Audrey: Unjustified? You let my house get robbed. I loved that bear...

Man, I'm getting yelled at by the living and the dead here!

Ella's Ghost: I'm hungry!

You're dead! It's not my problem anymore. And you didn't die of hunger so I'm not sure why you're even bringing that up!

And another broken lamp courtesy of a vengeful ghost. Just perfect.

Man, it's been really rainy this week.

Bryanna: Yeah, it has. But hopefully restocking the fridge will calm Grandma's ghost down. She seems to yell about food a lot.

Why are you out during the day again? Does it have something to do with the lightning?

Bryanna: It's ok, Mason. Great-Grandma Ella can't get to you in here.

Well, she can get to you, but she just can't scare you yet.

Bryanna: Mysterious voice!

What? I'm being honest!

Bryanna: This ghost thing is starting to become a real problem.

Well, there is a town cemetary and so far...

Bryanna: No, no. It's important to me to keep her grave here. But I don't know if it's safe for the boys.

Well we're going to have to solve the ghost situation later. It's Mason's birthday!

And he looks just like Alexander and has pink teddy bear pajamas.

Mason: Um...thanks?

It's Alexander's birthday too? Doesn't anyone in this town have a birthday to themselves?

Well at least now I can tell the boys apart. What asperation would you like?

Alexander: Knowledge.

Following in your mom's footsteps, huh?

So how was the first day of school?

Mason: Good. I even made a friend.


Oh, Kyle Leonard.

Mason: Why shouldn't I talk to her? She's nice.

Don't listen to him, Mason. He's been corrupted since birth by his sisters.

Mason: Could you help me with my homework, Alex?

Where's your parents?

Mason: Dad's still at work and Mom's just leaving.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't you a chef the last time I was here?

Bryanna: It's time for a change. I'm a Hostage Negotiator now.

Well, that's definately a change.

I guess restocking the fridge didn't work.

Ella's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Joshua: Ahhhhh!

Nope, definately didn't work.

Bryanna: Have a good day, boys. Wish me luck!

Luck for what?

Bryanna: I'm up for a promotion today.

Nice babysitting work, Alexander.

Alexander: It wasn't me! It was the stupid nanny!

Putting a curse on the nanny?

Alexander: No, I'm getting a date. But then you do that?

Matchmaker: No, sorry.

Alexander: Oh, ok. Just the date, then.

What the...who are you?

Matchmaker: This is Tosha.

Tosha? All the anxious teenage girls I've had to deal with until now and you pick Tosha?

Well, you two do seem to get along.

Alexander: Yeah, but we've decided to just be friends. I'd rather date somebody I've known for a little longer.


Ok, that's a different outfit.

Bryanna: That's because I got promoted! I'm a Space Cowboy!

Um...alright. So you're at the top of the ladder, then?

Bryanna: I sure am!

Oh, look who's back.

Alexander: I'm feeling much better about this...

You two do make a very cute pair. I'll just mark that down here...ok, Alexander and Erika are offically a couple.

Well, what a week it's been. Mason and Alexander both grew up, Alexander found a new love, and Bryanna became a Space Cowboy.

Joshua: Don't forget the most important thing!


Joshua: We all survived living with Ella's ghost for another week.

That's true. Alexander, stand by for college! Everyone else, see you next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: This is another family that should join a ghost support group. I'm just dreading further down the road when there's a whole bunch of ghosts on the lot.