Tuesday, October 2, 2007

An Official Decree

An Official Decree From The Mysterious Voice

Due to the overwhelming population growth in recent generations, I have decided to institute a new policy regarding college graduates. Beginning with the Class of Round 4, the youngest child from each family will move back in with their elderly parents. The child's spouse, or future spouse, will move into this home also. The parents may also move in with the child, but this is not encouraged. This will serve several different functions, including but not limited to:

1: Rather than standing empty, houses will remain occupied through family generations.
2: This will assist the new graduates financially as well as the obvious benifits of having extra help around the house.
3: This will conserve space in the town for future generations.

Who is the youngest child?
The youngest child will be determined in one of three ways:
A: The youngest child upon the mother's transition to elder
B: If all children leave for college before this time, the youngest at that point is the youngest child.
C: In the event that the last birth is a set of twins, one twin chosen at random will rejoin the parents. The other will start their own house.

Because of this, the length of round 4 (and future rounds as well) will be drastically shortened as the following graduates will rejoin their parents' homes:

Maureen Larson, with her fiancee Peter Leonard
Rachel Leonard, with her fiancee Adrien Richardson