Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Leonard 2: Round 5

Last time, life at the Leonard house was just beginning to settle down following a robbery and the birth of the family's second child, Rebecca. Oldest daughter Audrey was still quite upset about the theft of her stuffed bear, and made no effort to hide it. Morgan reached the top of her career, becoming the Mayor. Unfortunately, her lifetime want of having 20 pet best friends went unfulfilled. The same went for her husband George, who reached the level of buisness tycoon while really wanting to become a sports hall of famer. Audrey grew to a teen and continued to hold her grudge, training her little sister to do the same as Rebecca grew to a toddler then to a child. Morgan became pregnant for a third time and gave birth to a son named Kyle.

Rebecca: Come on, fair!

I see Rebecca is just as delightful as her sister was.

Morgan: I don't know what is wrong with her.

Rebecca: Look! I got an A+!

Great job!

Rebecca: I wasn't talking to you...

And look who's here again!

Rebecca: Corey! Get over here! You're supposed to be talking to me, not her!

Good luck, Corey.

Rebecca: Ugh! I don't want to talk about school anymore! We just got back from there!

Poor Corey! He just can't catch a break with the girls.

Oh, come on Morgan. It's only Monday.

Morgan: Fire! Fire! Fire!

Good. The fire department is here.

Morgan: Fire! Fire! Fire!

The fire woman, for some reason, felt the need to stop on her way out and look at the rain. Glad to know they're so dedicated to their work.

Oh, there are the Leonard men.

George: Yuck! Kyle....

That's what you get for throwing him up in the air after he eats.

How's the homework coming, Rebecca?

Rebecca: I'm not telling you! Who are you, anyway?

So you two must be pretty happy, huh? You're both at the top of your jobs.

Morgan: Yeah, but being the mayor isn't as great as it sounds. It isn't even my dream.

George: Being a tycoon isn't that thrilling, either.

Morgan: That's why I'm going into education.

Let me get this straight. You, a nanny, were standing in the bathroom, two feet from a toilet, and decided to pee yourself in the shower. That's just lovely.

And now there's two of you. That's even more lovely.

George: Happy Birthday, Kyle!

Please like me, please like me...

George: He wasn't even born when the robbery happened. I'm sure he will.

Morgan: Our last baby...

George: They grow up so fast!

So Kyle's your last?

Morgan: Oh, yeah. I don't think we should have any more.

Kyle: Yuck! That nanny stinks!

In more ways than one...

Wow, a child growing up into a halfway decent outfit.

Kyle: Rebecca says I shouldn't talk to you, but I don't know why.

It's a long story, Kyle...

Kyle: Could you help me with my homework, Dad?

George: Sure, son. Where is it?

On the front lawn. Of course, where else would homework be?

George: You know, you have a desk in your room for a reason.

Rebecca: I saw the biggest fish in the pond back there...

Kyle: Really? Cool!

Kyle: Yeah! My first A+!

That's quite a feet when you've been doing your homework in the dark.

And you brought home a friend, too?

Kyle: Yeah. Addison's really cool.

Yes she is.

Another birthday...

Ha! I'm going to turn my head and not let you get my picture!

Just blow out the candles.

I'm not crazy about the outfit...

Rebecca: I like it!

Of course you do.

Good, Elizabeth is really nice. Maybe she'll have a good influence on you.

Rebecca: Stay out of this, mysterious voice.

Um...what's with the cop car?

Rebecca: Can't you see? We got a puppy. Duh!

Rebecca: We're naming her Minnie.



Of course she's nice to the puppy.

Rebecca: Well I have to bond with her fast. Thanks to somebody's official decree, only the youngest child can move back in here so after I leave for college I won't see her anymore.

Rebecca: Ugh! How did you deal with her, Audrey?

Please don't ask Audrey for advice...

Kyle...what are you doing?

Kyle: Spraying the tree. It's sick with bugs.

Sure, it's perfectly safe for a child to use a giant tank of poison gas.

Typical little brother. Atta boy, Kyle!

Well, as sad as it is to say goodbye to you lovely, lovely children, the week is reaching the end.

Kyle: Hey mysterious voice, are you an elephant?

Um, yeah. It's definately time for me to go.

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: This house is starting to get extremely buggy. I didn't move them during the week because it would reset the days, but don't be surprised if next round Morgan, George, and Kyle are in a new house.