Friday, October 26, 2007

Greene 5: Round 5

Last round, Conner Greene and his new bride Riley Leonard found themselves with an instant family when Conner invited his parents, Ethan and Marisa, and his little brother Corey, to move in with them. While this situation was pleasing for Conner and his family, it left Riley a bit disappointed in Conner's lack of attention to her. Even as Riley became pregnant and gave birth to the couple's first child, Jasmine, Conner's attention remained focused on his somewhat neglected little brother. Meanwhile, Ethan enjoyed life in permanent platinum after becoming Captain Hero, while Marisa continued to neglect her parental responsibilities.

Well, you seem happier this week.

Riley: Check out what I learned to do!

Ok...that's a talent, I guess.

Riley: It sure has been raining a lot lately.

Conner: Yeah, I hope we don't get any really bad storms. I've heard about trees catching fire around town.

Oh, look. It's Misty! I forgot about her.

Conner: Come on, who's a good kitty?

Uh-oh...I'm getting a vision of the future!

Riley: Ugh!

Um, Conner? I think you should really go check on...

Conner: In a minute. I'm bonding with Misty.

Ethan: ...Together, you'll see, we two can be good company...

I'm not even going to ask.

Oh, there's Jasmine!

Riley: Say hi to the mysterious voice, Jasmine!

Where's your husband?

Riley: If you find him, let me know.

Oh, he's...encouraging Corey. What a surprise.

Corey: What? The kid needs it.

Well, it is his birthday, I guess. Happy birthday dear Corey...

Interesting outfit...and you're looking more like your brother every day.

Corey: Um...thanks.

So what would you like to do with your life?

Corey: A life of pleasure for me!

Of course...


And of course the first thing you do is call that gypsy.

Corey: Do you have any better ideas?


Corey: I rest my case.

Who are you?

Corey: You know Amy. She's our paper girl.

The paper girl? I'm not so sure, but let's see how it goes.

I think you're missing, Riley.

Riley: I can't take more of this...

Well, I don't think you'll have to.

Riley: Maybe now Conner will actually notice that I'm pregnant.

Oh, dear...what happened to the date?

Corey: Oh, it went fine. Amy's a great girl. But now it's time for some real fun...

I knew I shouldn't have gotten this for you guys...

Conner? What are you doing home so early?

Conner: I don't want to talk about it.

Um, Conner?

Conner: I said I don't want to talk about it!

Conner: I got fired! It wasn't my fault. There was this fraternity and I kicked them off campus...that's what all the other deans in town did and they got promoted!

Sure, you won't talk to me but Jasmine's the perfect person to hear this.

I don't mean to split hairs here, but shouldn't Riley or Conner be doing this?

Ethan: I don't mind.

Riley: Yeah, it's fine. I mean, Conner's still really upset about being fired and with my being pregnant and all...

I think you might actually grow into that nose, Jasmine!

Jasmine: Thanks, I think.

Hey Ethan...didn't you say there was something you would do if Caydance came over?

Ethan: Yeah, you're right. Caydance, you can take Misty back home with you if you want.

Caydance: Thanks, Dad. I've really been missing her.

Glad to see that you and Jasmine have bonded so much.

Ethan: Yup.

I am a bit concerned that she hasn't bonded with her actual dad...

Riley: Thanks so much for helping out with Jasmine. I don't know what I would do without you here.

Well, technically if he wasn't here than Corey wouldn't be here either and your husband...

Riley: Don't ruin the moment.

Corey! How could you let all that homework pile up like that?

Corey: Relax. I'm doing it! It's just three days worth.

It goes back to elementary school, Corey.

How do you still have energy for a study session?

Riley: Ethan taught her to walk and talk, and helped her grow up. I am teaching her how to study if it kills me.

At this rate it just might.

And what a surprise, Conner's playing with Corey again.

Conner: Don't ever let your homework get that far behind again. You almost lost a scholarship!

Shouldn't you be worrying about your own daughter's homework?

Ethan: Good night, Jasmine...

This is still very mixed up...

Jasmine: Yeah! Check out all the snow!

I keep forgetting at these newer houses that it's still winter...

Oh, boy...the family's about to get bigger!


Riley: It's a girl!

Unbelievable. I would have thought we'd have a long spurt of boys. What's her name?

Riley: We're going to name her Ariel.

Yeah, guys...don't get up from the breakfast table to see the baby or anything.

So this is grandchild number...

Ethan: 19. It's hard to believe...

Especially when you consider that Corey hasn't even left the house yet.

And once again Ethan takes the bulk of the child care.

Ethan: I figured I'd give Riley a break, you know?

What break? She hasn't done any of it, except for helping Jasmine with her homework.

Um...why is the changing table in the living room?

Riley: Because there's no room for it in the bedroom. We had to put Ariel's crib in Corey's room-we'll redecorate after he leaves. But for now, there's no room for a changing table in there. Corey's a great kid, but I don't know how much longer I can take this. I mean, there's not enough room in my own house for my own kids because Conner's so determined to raise his screwed up brother.

I understand. This crowd is starting to get under my skin, too.

Well this is certainly a pleasant change from last time.

Conner: Yeah, I just went onto the computer and got my old job back, and now I'm at the top of my game.

What are you crying about?

Marisa: The nanny slapped me!

Ok, those nannies are pretty terrible workers, but I doubt one of them would slap you.

Marisa: I knew you wouldn't believe me!

Where are you going?

Oh, dear...

Marisa: Leave me alone! It's my house-I'll do what I want!

Hey, would you look at that! The nanny did slap her. I wonder why...

A new toy?

Ethan: Marisa wanted an expensive stereo.

So you bought a karaoke machine?

Ethan: It was the cheapest thing she was satisfied with.

And I see everybody's taking a turn...

Ethan: First she slaps my wife...then she blocks me into a corner. Why are we paying her again?

Because if you don't the social worker will come.

Well, at least it's making everybody happy.

I just realized I never got a good shot of the baby...let's see, brown hair, blue eyes. This is going to be one boring group of kids.

Riley: Now who would throw a water balloon at me in the middle of winter?

I honestly have no idea.

This is...disturbing, at best.

Oh, look who's back over. Amy, do you always have to bring the bag of newspapers?

Amy: Yes.

I would think they would get heavy.

See, this looks less odd. It's actually quite sweet.

Jasmine: I got an A+!

Riley: Way to go, Jasmine!

Jasmine: I can't wait to tell Dad!

Jasmine: Dad, can you dance with me next?

Conner: Wish I could, but I have to go make sure Corey does his homework I don't want him to fall behind again.

I think Corey is a little busy at the moment...and I think we've got another established couple! That means Amy's joining the town!

Another birthday...Happy birthday dear Ariel...

Riley: And I actually get to do this one!

And Marisa's nose lives on! But at least she's seasonally appropriate.

Corey: See, Jasmine, first you get them in a headlock, and then...

Is your girlfriend the person you want to be demonstrating this on?

Not that it seems to matter much...

Riley: Come on, honey...come to Mommy...before Grandpa comes and does this for me.

Feeling a bit of resentment, are we?

Marisa: Isn't she potty trained yet?

I don't see you helping.

Marisa: She's not my kid. I shouldn't have to help.

And now Ethan is encouraging Jasmine. There is something not right here...

Amy: I hope Corey likes these flowers...

How could he not?

I see Conner's finally spending some time with his daughters...

Jasmine: Do you think we'll ever go on vacation?

I keep telling you, not for a few more months!

Whoa, Corey...slow down!

So the week is starting to wind down...pretty soon Corey will be out of the house.

Riley: Yup.

Conner: I hope he does ok. I mean, with Mom being the way she is...

Riley: I'm sure he'll be fine.

Conner: But I just don't know...I mean, I did the best I could with him...

Riley: Conner, he's not your kid!

You know what, I think this would be a good point for me to leave you guys. I will see you all next round.

Conner: Bye, mysterious voice.

Riley: Hurry back!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: This house is absolutely nuts. Conner's not the only one who forgets whose child is whose. Corey's relationship with Amy was kind of a last resort-I had originally planned for Corey to end up with Elizabeth Richardson, but when I got to this house I remembered that Corey is actually her uncle. Oops! Since all the other girls were taken, I just took what the gypsy gave me. She actually started to grow on me by the time the week was up.