Sunday, October 7, 2007

Larson 2: Round 5

When we last visited the Larson house, Jacob and Meadow had just welcomed their second baby, Autumn, to the family. Their older daughter Alexis proved to be a great big sister, while Jacob continued to persue his dream of becoming a celebrity chef. Alexis grew to a teenager and chose to live a life of popularity. Meadow soon became pregant again and gave birth to a third red haired daughter, Addison.

New bedroom, Autumn?

Autumn: Yeah! I moved into Alexis' old room and Addison moved into mine. Everything's my favorite color!

Gee, I wonder what that is?

Happy Monday, everybody!

Jacob: Oh, hi mysterious voice!

How's that celebrity chef thing going?

Jacob: I only need two more points-one cooking and one creativity.

Well it looks like you're almost there on the creativity one.

Autumn: Yeah, Dad! It sounds really good!

Speaking of work...shouldn't you be there?

Jacob: Nope. I have Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wendsdays off.

I wish I had a schedule like that.

So it's Daddy/Daughter day, then?

Jacob: Yeah, I guess it is.

Make that Daddy/Daughters day. Autumn's home from school.

Autumn: Yes!!! I got an A+!!!!


And you brought home a friend.

Autumn: I don't know about him...

Ok, so Autumn and Corey aren't a good pair...I will mark that down.

Autumn: Mark what? Where?

Never you mind.

Happy birthday Addison!!!

Jacob: Our last baby's grown up.

You're not going to have any more?

Jacob: No. Meadow and I aren't going to be young for much longer. If we tried for another kid now, we'd probably be elders before it was walking.

Now, let me guess what Addison's favorite color it blue?

Addison: No! It's pink, silly.

Have a good first day of school, Addison!

Addison: Thanks, mysterious voice! I will!

So how did it go?

Addison: Ok. I thought I'd do better, though.

Addison: Mom, can you help me with my homework?

Meadow: Sure, honey.

So Meadow, you and Jacob are really done having kids?

Meadow: Yeah. It was my lifelong dream to marry off six children, and you can't do that with only three, but I guess some things weren't meant to be.

How come you're not playing with your dad and sister, Autumn?

Autumn: My tomatoes are sick!

Um...I'm sorry about that.

Jacob: Candy! Candy! Must make candy!

Still trying for that last cooking point, Jacob?

Hey, it's a party! Look, Corey's back!

Addison: He came home with me this time. Autumn brought home Stewie.

So she did...and it doesn't look like they get along very well.

Autumn: No...

Another mark for the book...

Autumn: What book? Can I see?

No. I don't know why you're having so much trouble making friends. You're such a nice girl.

At least you're getting along with your sister.

Um...ok, I guess that still counts as getting along.

Who are you calling?

Jacob: It's a surprise! To celebrate my promotion!

Promotion? Does that mean?

Jacob: Yup! I'm a celebrity chef at last!

Whew! Now I don't have to worry about your asper...I mean, congratulations!

Um...your idea of celebrating is calling the cops?

Oh, you got a kitten!

Autumn: We sure did! Meet Andy!

Well, his name fits.

Way to go! You got a talent badge!

Autumn: Yeah, but they're still sick!

I don't know why-you're doing everything right.

I see Addison is making use of the new couch.

Still down about stopping at three, Meadow?

Meadow: No. I love my girls. Besides, if I change my mind later on there's always adoption.

Um, you might want to talk to your husband about that.

They look so much like each other it's scary...

Another mini-party, I see. And could it be that Autumn has finally found a friend?

Autumn: Yeah, I really like Jim!

You two are quite cute together. I'll just mark that down.

Autumn: Am I ever going to see what you're marking?


Happy Birthday Autumn!

My, that's an interesting outfit.

Autumn: I kind of like it.

Ok, whatever you say. What asperation do you want?


Following in your big sister's footsteps, I see.

Catching fireflies?

Addison: I'm trying to, anyway.

Addison: Yeah! I got some!

Great job. Just make sure those things don't escape-they're freaky to have flying around your house at night.

Skilling by firefly light?

Autumn: I need skills for college and Addison's just getting an early start.

You know, I think such hardworking girls deserve a little reward...

Addison: Wow! A waterslide!

Hey, it's summer! What mysterious voice would I be if I didn't let you make full use of that pool?

So how does it feel to know you're only going to have one little girl at home soon?

Jacob: Very bittersweet. I'm just glad we have Andy now-I'm sure he'll keep us occupied.

Man, Addison is getting a really big head start!

Addison: Mommy changed her job to teaching, and we got this new bookshelf-it makes it so easy!

I don't know if I'm prepared for this...

Jacob: What do you mean, you're not prepared? We're the ones who are aging!

But you guys were both teenagers when you moved in. You can't be elders yet!

Or maybe you can, did you suddenly turn Irish?

Well, at least I get to end the week on a happy note.

Addison: It's not happy! Autumn's going to leave now, Mommy and Daddy are old and I'm going to be all alone!

Don't worry, honey. I promise I'll find something to keep you occupied.

However, fishing in a hailstorm isn't it! Get back inside, and I'll see you next round, Ok?

Addison: Ok, bye mysterious voice!

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: I honestly have never been happier to see a Sim get their lifetime want. Pleasure Sims may seem easy, but after an entire adult lifetime they get annoying. Next to Romance, it's my least favorite asperation.