Monday, October 15, 2007

Macguire 2: Round 5

Last round, Tyler and Mia Macguire remained busy as beavers, juggling two careers, three sons, and a home flower stand which was constantly being covered by the winter snow. The snow gradually melted, and the boys grew up-older sons Gregory and Christopher grew to teens and prepared for college while younger Norbert grew to a child. Mia became pregnant not once but twice, giving birth to a fourth son Joel in the middle of the week and the family's only girl, Michelle, at the end of the week.

How does it feel to be holding your last baby, Tyler?

Tyler: It is a bit sad, but it's actually quite a relief. Having so many kids is hard work.

Where's Mia?

Tyler: She's on the lawn opening up the flower stand.

Mia: Hi, welcome to Macguire Floral Emporium! Can I help you find anything?

Two things, Mia. One, I don't think that four shelves of flowers qualifies you as an "emporium." And also, I don't think it makes a good impression to greet customers in your underwear!

Another double birthday. Teamwork is very important in this town.

Happy birthday dear Joel...

And Michelle...

Yup, now you've got three little redheads.

Mia: And she's all dressed for a prom, for some reason.

Yeah, that outfit is going to have to go.

What a handsome young man.

Joel: Thanks, mysterious voice!

Mia: My last toddler...

You know, there's still some time if you want to have another.

Mia: No, no. It's time for me to be done.

You don't seem to sure about that.

Michelle: Beaw!

Mia: Good job, sweetheart!

Mia: Good night, Michelle. Mommy has to go make a phone call.

A phone call?

Mia: Ok, great. We'll see you tomorrow morning then.

See who tomorrow morning?

Mia:'s a surprise.

New outfit, new hairstyle...someone did a number on you, Michelle.

Oh, hi Norbert! We haven't seen you around much this week. How does it feel to finally be the oldest?

Norbert: Cool! I finally have my own room!

Another birthday? I hope you guys are still managing to sell some flowers in between all the cake eating.

Well, aren't we confident about our upper body.

Norbert: Huh?

Never mind. What asperation would you like?

Norbert: Fortune.

Oh, haven't seen that one in awhile.

Mia: Come to Mommy, honey...

So Mia...about this surprise...

Mia: You will see tomorrow morning like everyone else.

Tyler, do you know what the surprise is?

Tyler: Yes, but I'm under strict orders not to tell you.

I don't like it when you keep secrets from me, you know that right?


Mia: Surprise! We're adopting again!

I thought you said you didn't want another baby.

Mia: Well, we're not getting another baby...

Mia: We're getting another child. Meet Doreene.

Hi, Doreene.

Doreene: Who said that?

I'm the mysterious voice, and believe me I'm just as confused as you are.

Hmm, with a new hairstyle she's actually kind of pretty.

Doreene: Thanks! But...who are you?

I'm sure your new mother will explain it to you, dear.

So, now that I've been surprised I believe an explaination is in order...

Mia: Well, it's my lifelong dream to marry off six children, and with Michelle I had 5. With Doreen, I have six kids but Michelle is still my youngest, so I'm not chasing down toddlers in my old age.

Oh. That actually makes a lot of sense.

Oh, goody. Joel's home. Hey Joel, guess what?

Joel: Shhh! I'm making a friend!

Oh, so I see...

Oh, so Doreene's a piano prodigy?

Doreene: All my new brothers and sisters have so many skill points and I don't have any. Even the baby has more than me!

Don't worry, I'm sure you'll catch up.

So what do you think of your new daughter, Tyler?

Tyler: She's great. And it will be nice for Michelle to have another sister with all these boys.

Joel: Yeah! I got an A+!!!

Great job, Joel.

Joel: But don't go across the street! There's a ghost over there!

Doreene: Nah! That's not true.

I wish it weren't Doreene. I really do.

Well, she's bonded with at least one sibling.

And now it's time for...what else...a birthday!

Tyler: I can't believe we're going to have three kids and a teenager around the house.

Ok, the hairstyle changed a bit but she's still very pretty.

Michelle: Thanks!

Doreene: So where is that voice coming from? Does she live on the sun?

No, I don't live on the sun. Although there are times when I feel like I do.

Oh, great. The gypsy's back, and that can only mean one thing.

Norbert: I'd like a blind date, please?

It's time to gamble away $5,000.

Erika! You stupid gypsy.

Norbert: What? She seems really cool.

Yes, she is. And if she wasn't already with Alexander Greene I would be all for this.

Fortunately Norbert doesn't seem to be much of a ladies man.

Doreene: Wow, my first A+! Wait until Mommy sees this!

See? I told you you'd catch up.

Mia: I'm so proud of you, honey.

So I guess Doreene is actually fitting in quite well.

Oh, and there's the other two kids.

Michelle: Math was really hard today, huh?

Erika: You're really fun, but my heart belongs to Alexander.

Norbert: I understand. But we can still be friends.

At least he takes rejection well.

A bit washed out, perhaps. But still, a fine family portrait.

Norbert: Great job growing up, Michelle.

Doreene: What about me?

Norbert: You didn't grow up here.

Very sensitive, Norbert.

Alright, she's bonded with two siblings.

Doreene: Well we share a room. It was kind of hard not to.

A family skilling session?

All: Shhh!

Oh, sorry.

Yeah, that's what I like to see. What did you max?

Norbert: Cleaning.

I don't think I've ever seen a parent in this town want to interact with their child more than you and Doreene, Mia.

Mia: Well, we got a late start. I'm making up for lost time.

Um, why are you bringing a jar of bugs into the house?

Tyler: They're butterflies. I thought it would be educational for the kids.

Norbert: So you're the one who's dating Erika...

Why do I sense drama here?

Let's focus our attention on a happier friendship, shall we?


Jim: Hey! You got me all wet!

Well, I can safely say that this has been a very eventful week around here. But now it's time for me to be moving on.

Doreene: Wait-you're leaving?

Don't worry, I'll be back next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I have never seen a Sim parent be so happy by the addition of a child than Mia was with Doreene. Every day she would spin up a want to hug Doreene, play with Doreene, or talk to Doreene. It was really quite sweet.