Saturday, October 20, 2007

Greene 3: Round 5

Last round started with a bang as Melody found out she was pregnant with her second child. She called up her twin sister Harmony to come over and help her take over her little son, Jim, until he grew to a child and started school. She soon gave birth to a daughter, named Pam. Meanwhile, Melody's husband Carter continued to advance in his business career while Melody excelled in education.

And if you remember from the Leonard lot, Melody agreed to take in Holly.

Jim: Awesome! We got a dog!

Thanks to your uncle, the town dog breeder.

Well, don't you two make quite a mismatched pair.

Melody: What do you mean?

Well, your husband's all bundled up and you're barely wearing anything.

What are you doing, Jim?

Jim: Dancing.


Jim: Just because.


Melody: Your such a good doggy...

Well, your sister did most of the training.

Ahh, there's the young'n!

Pam: Loud!

Oh, I'm not talking that loud.

Oh, that's what she was talking about. What's with the airlift, Carter?

Carter: It's a long story, but I'm a business tycoon now.


Glad to see that Doreene is fitting in with the other kids in town.

Jim: She's pretty cool.

It's birthday time! Happy birthday dear Pam...

Another very pretty little girl...

Pam: Thanks!

No surprises here...

Melody: Nope. Carter's life goal is to graduate three children from college, so we're having one more.

Ready for the first day of school, everybody?

Pam: I guess so...

Another birthday. You guys haven't even finished the cake from Pam's.

Wow, he looks...exactly like his dad.

Jim: Is that a good thing?

I guess so. What asperation would you like?

Jim: I want to have a lot of friends.

Ok, popularity it is then.

Hey, a child actually put her homework inside the house!

Carter: What's so exciting about that?

Pam: Dad, look! I changed my hair!

I's very nice.

Baby time!

Melody: It's a boy!

Finally! That puts the count so far at 4 boys to 9 girls..

Melody: What are you talking about?

Never mind. What's the new baby's name?

Melody: We're naming him Dwight.

Really? Ok...

Jim: This is awesome. I always wanted a little brother!

Hey, your little sister isn't half bad either.

What a nice little family...

Jim: Come on, Pam. You weed and I'll follow you and pick them...

I see your mom finally made you help in the garden.

Isn't it a little late to be gardening?

Melody: Hey, I just got a gold badge.

That's true.

Pam: Watch this!

Jim: Great job!!

Jim: You know, she is pretty cool.

Glad to see you two have finally bonded.

Carter: Please stop crying...what do you want?

Everything seems fine on this end. I think he's just fussy...he must take after you and Carson.

Oh, man there's water works going on all over today.

Melody: They asked me what I wanted to write a paper on and I picked the wrong one! I got demoted and today is Friday so I can't even get promoted back up until next week.

I'm sorry...

Maybe a birthday will cheer everybody up.

He looks more like his mom than Jim and Pam do...

Carter: Come on, can do it!

Where's Melody?

Carter: She's still not feeling well. She went out back.

Melody: Don't worry little plants. The sun will come back. this some kind of therapy for you?

Melody: Yes.


Another skill down...

Jim: Hi, I was wondering if you could come over...

Who are you talking to?

Not the gypsy again. That woman has a horrible track record.

Jim: For what I'm paying this had better work.

What the...who is this?

Gypsy: Her name is Nicole. She works at the store...

What store?

Those apples look amazing.

Melody: Still think I'm crazy for talking to the trees?

I guess not.

Jim: Look, you're a very nice girl but this just happened too fast to turn into anything.

You're a smart man, Jim.

Jim: Now I've got to pay that gypsy another $5,000...

I have a better idea...

I think you were looking just a little too hard...

Jim: Autumn and I were best friends as kids...I never thought to ask her on a date.

And we have established couple number 4!

Yeah, you two make quite a pair.

Whoa, ok...don't go too fast.

Hey, Harmony came back over!

Um, Autumn...what are you doing?

Autumn: Shh! I brought a piano for Jim...because our date was so fun.

But they already have a piano. You played it while you were here.

I see Pam's following in her Mom's gardening footsteps.

Pam: This garden is so big! Everybody has to help.

So do you like your gift from Autumn?

Jim: I guess I can take it with me.

Hey, there's an idea.

Carter: Come on Dwight...just one word.

Dwight: No!

Jim: I'm gonna miss you, girl!

Don't worry, I'm sure your uncle will have more dogs to give away.

Taking up a new hobby?

Pam: Planting stuff got boring after awhile.

I see your mom feels differently.

I see Dwight's been busy in the bathroom.

Carter: No, the toilet's just backed up.

Oh, that's better...I think. Well, it looks like the week is winding down...

Melody: Ugh...I don't feel so great.

I think that's my cue to exit. See all of you next round!

Melody: Bathroom!!

Yup, it's really time for me to go...

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: I really hope we've hit the boy spurt. This whole 9 girls to 4 boys thing could be a problem in the future.