Friday, October 19, 2007

Leonard 4: Round 5

Last time, Ben and Destiny Leonard surprised for their sons Peter and Stewie with the addition of a second dog, Sparkle. Sparkle got along famously with the family's other dog, Rusty, and soon two little puppies, Holly and Brian, were added to the family. Meanwhile, Stewie started school and Peter grew to teen and prepared for college. As if the house wasn't crowded enough, Destiny soon found out another child was on the way and gave birth to the couple's first daughter, Christina.

Hey, guys! I see you've been shopping.

Destiny: Yes, and not a moment too soon.

You can say that again.

Ben: Come on, boy...just one more time....

One more time for what?

Well I guess that answers that question.

Hey, Brian grew up and he looks...almost exactly like Rusty. That's just great.

Yeah, I forsee a lot of confusion this week.

Glad to see you're bonding with your family, Stewie.

Stewie: Family?

Yeah, Megan there is your cousin.

Stewie: No way!

Hey, it looks like Stewie's got his birthday all to himself!!!

Stewie: So?

You have no idea how lucky you are.

I see you inherited your father's fashion sense.

Stewie: Huh?

Never mind. What asperation would you like?

Stewie: I'd like knowledge.


Ben: I think this house is getting a bit crammed with all these dogs.

Gee, what gave you that idea?

Ok, when your youngest child is eating dog food, you have too many dogs!

Christina: Puppy!

This child has interacted with the dogs more than her parents.

Christina: Achoo!

Hey, I never knew you could have allergies. I'm sorry, I have them too. They're awful.

And once again another bangup job by the nanny.

Nanny: Leave me alone. It's not my fault.

No, see, you picked her up and put her down like five times without bringing her to the crib. That is your fault.

Norbert: Yeah, things with Jennifer are great. You should get a girlfriend...

Stewie: Yeah, maybe...

It's on my list of things, Stewie. Don't worry.

Destiny: How did you come home from work with me? You're pregnant.

I'm wondering that myself. But, she's your new daughter-in-law and it wouldn't kill you to bond.

And look who else came by!

Ben: We invited him.

Ben: So how would you feel about taking Brian home with you?

Peter: Sure, Dad. Maybe having a dog will keep Maureen's grandfather's ghost at bay.

Sure, hold on to that dream.

Another day, another birthday.

Stewie: Hey everybody, get in here!!

That's better. Happy birthday dear Christina...

Another adorable kid for the Leonard line...

Christina: Thanks.

Christina: Hey, Rusty...

Atta girl, Christina. Jump right into the dog training.

Stewie: Good girl, Sparkle!

You know, with only three dogs in the house this place is starting to seem tame.

I guess I spoke too soon.

And we've got two more identical puppies, one boy and one girl. Any ideas for names?

Ben: We're naming the girl puppy Sprinkles.

Alright, and the boy?

Ben: Garbage.

That's a terrible thing to say about a dog!

Ben: No, we're naming the dog Garbage.

Um...I'm not going to ask.

Aww. You two are so cute together! I think this calls for a note in my mysterious voice records...

Christina: That's a good thing, I think.

Christina: Dad, I have to write an essay on my favorite pet. But I don't know which dog to pick.

Just go out there and write about the first one you see. That's what I would do.

Ben: Thanks for the help.

Destiny: Hey, could you come over tonight? I have to talk to you about something.

Who are you calling?

Oh, hi Melody.

Melody: Glad to see you can finally tell us apart.

Melody: Sure, I would love to take Holly home! The kids would love a dog.

Destiny: Thanks, Melody. The dogs have just been challenging each other all the time, and we can't keep them together anymore.

Good thing you and Ben have a lot of siblings to give these dogs to.

Ben: You're doing so good, girl! Four down!

What do you mean four down?

Ben: Four out of 20. My life goal is to raise 20 puppies or kittens.

You really think you're going to get there?

Ben: Sure, as long as there aren't any surprises.


Destiny: What the...

That's risky woo-hoo for you.

Christina: Mommy, are you really going to have another baby?

Destiny: Yup, I really am.

Christina: Where are we going to put it? We're out of rooms.

That's a good question.

Christina: These puppies are so cute!

Yes, they are, but don't get too attached. Once those puppies grow up it's off to some relative. Only Rusty and Sparkle are sticking around for now.

Christina: Daddy, do we really have to give the puppies away?

Ben: Don't worry, honey. There will be more.

A group homework session?

Stewie: She has her own desk but she still puts her homework in my room!

Christina: Hi, Garbage!

I still fail to see the reasoning behind that name.

Stewie: Man, I look good!

Glad to see you're confident!

Christina: Look, an A+!


And a new friend?

Christina: It's a good day!

I guess so! It's baby time!


Destiny: We've got a baby girl! Meet Lois!

Another girl? This is just not right...

Destiny: Now we've just got to find a place for her...

Consider yourself lucky. Your sister Julia just had surprise twins.

Destiny: We'll just keep your crib in the living room for now, until Peter leaves for college.

At least it matches the decor.

Brown hair, blue eyes. Everything as expected. This couple may produce amazingly cute kids, but they're not very genetically interesting.

Destiny: I hope she'll be ok in here...

Ben: I'm sure she'll be fine. It's only for a few days.

Yeah, that's a great activity right after you've given birth.

Ben: Look, Stewie, it's really important that you're nice to everyone...

Stewie: Aren't I a bit too old for this?

It does seem a bit strange, but I'm not sending you out into the world with your personality.

Stewie: Hi, baby!

See? That's better.

Time for a first bath?

Destiny: We couldn't fit a changing table in the living room.


Well, I think you're just about ready for college.

Stewie: But I still have all day. What am I going to do?

I have an idea...

Ok, gypsy. Let's try to earn that $5,000 this time, ok?

Emily Richardson, huh...this could work.

Gypsy: Ok, see? I did my job.

Rusty? You're an elder already? I wasn't expecting that!

And Sprinkles is an interesting blend...

Garbage looks a bit more normal.

Are you sure you want to join this family, Emily?

Emily: I'd love to have a dog one day...

Hmm, I've got an about you take Sprinkles home? That way she'll be there after college.

Emily: Ok.

I see you take after your parents.

Ben: Ok, at a

Feeling overwhelmed, Ben?

I see things are going well in here.

Yup, there's romance all around today.

Emily: That was a good date, Stewie.

Aww. I think we have our third established couple!

Another birthday! Happy birthday dear Lois...

She looks just like her big sister!

She looks just like her big brother, too.

Destiny: What would I do without this stuff?

You probably wouldn't have learned how to walk, I'll tell you that much.

Ben: Come to Daddy...good girl!

Well, I'm happy to see the week ending on such a positive note.

Ben: Ughh! Lois!

Or not...anyway, I will see you guys next round!

Ben: Bye, mysterious voice!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Another child was just not in my plans for this family. Ben is also the first Sim that I'm actually attempting to get their "Raise 20 puppies/kittens" LTW. I feel very bad for poor Sparkle!