Monday, October 8, 2007

Richardson 2: Round 5

Last round, chaos abounded at the Richardson house as Alyssa and William struggled to keep up with two sets of twins, older boys Austin and Adrien and younger girls Emily and Elizabeth. Alyssa found solitude in her backyard greenhouse, eventually gaining a gold badge in gardening. The boys soon grew to teenagers and continued to build up their skills as well as their relationships, while the girls grew to children and started school. In the midst of all this, there was still the family dog Smokey to keep up with as well. Now that the boys have moved out, will life calm down for the Ricahrdsons? Only one way to find out...

Ahh, new round, new hairstyle.

Elizabeth: Too many people at school had my old one.

So what have you girls been up to?

Emily: We've been studying.

So I see...and where are your parents?

Elizabeth: Um...they're in the backyard, I think.

Of course...

Alyssa: Come on, William! Those plants aren't going to tend themselves, you know!

Alyssa, I think this hobby is getting out of hand...

Eww, Smokey.....

Man, Corey's just making his way around town this week!

I like bringing home friends!

I do too-it helps your parents get promoted.

Double birthday time!

Elizabeth: Hey, why did my hair change?

I don't know. Don't worry, we can change it back. What asperations do you two want?

Emily: I would like knowledge.

Alright...and Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Fortune for me.


Nothing like a family skilling session, even if Elizabeth is being eaten by the couch.

Oh, sorry guys...wait a minute, what was that noise?

Um....William? Care to explain?

William: Explain what?

Sophie: How could you cheat on me with her?

Cheat on you? She's his wife!

Sophie: No! He's in love with me! I was his first kiss!

Oh, no...

William: I thought the fact that I went to college and got married would have tipped you off that it wasn't going to happen!

Sophie: Well, it didn't! I've been waiting for you to call me all this time and this is how you repay me...

There's no way this can end well.

More garden time?

Alyssa: I needed it after last night.

Sorry about that. I had no idea that Sophie would still be in love with...

Alyssa: It's ok. It wasn't your fault.

Way to go, Alyssa! What did you max out?

Alyssa: Body. I want to become a hall of famer and I finally got into the right track!

Glad to see the girls still get along.

Alyssa: It's a miricle that they do-they're so different.

Oh, no. Sophie's back and she's looking evil!

Sophie: Cheat on me, will he? I'll get back at him...

By stealing their newspaper?

Sophie: Ha Ha ha...the perfect revenge!

Hey, hold it Smokey! I know what your thinking! That's not your dinner!

Alyssa: How did you know he was going to...

There are some things that are the same about all dogs, Alyssa.

Glad you guys are meeting each other before you head off to college.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but it would be nice if there were some guys around town.

Emily: Yeah, some...better guys, maybe?

What? I think Alvin there is a winner.

Emily: Yeah...I heard there's a big storm on its way.

Elizabeth: You'd better get home, Alvin.

What are you guys talking about? It's beautiful out.

Alyssa: So, is everyone ready for tonight?

What's tonight?

You're having the headmaster over?

Elizabeth: Me and Emily both want to get into private school.

You realize that today is Friday and you'll never actually go to private school, right?

Nice political discussion, Emily.

Emily: Shh! I'm trying to look smart.

Well, he looks happy.

William: The girls got in!

That's great. It would be more great if they were actually going to go there...

I'm glad to see that Smokey has finally settled in to the family.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Emily is closer to him than I am, though. That's why she's going to move back after college.

Oh, ok. I'm glad to see you're making these decisions among yourselves.

Getting some garden experience of your own?

Emily: Well, since I'm moving back in here I'm going to inherit this greenhouse. It would help if I knew how to take care of it.

Are you talking to the plants again?

Alyssa: I feel like I've been ignoring them with work.

That's not such a bad thing.

Nice outfit, Alyssa.

Alyssa: I know, I know. But I'm hoping for a promotion today.

Back for more revenge, Sophie?

Sophie: You bet! He'll think twice before he cheats again!

More of the original teens becoming elders. Time really does fly around here.

And right back into the garden she goes. I'm glad you give me so much consistancy with my endings, Alyssa.

Alyssa: The week is over? Already?


You girls ready for college?

Emily: Yup!

Elizabeth: We both got tons of scholarships.

Great! I'll see you both at the graduation ceremony. Bye, Richardsons!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I honestly had no idea that teenage townies hold on to crush/love relationships for that long. So much time has passed I forgot that William did have his first kiss with Sophie. The lesson for this round: Don't start romantic relationships you don't intend to continue! You never know when that person will get off the bus with your child.