Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Larson 3: Round 5

Last round, Roger Larson and Caydance Greene celebrated their wedding after graduating from Sim State University. Caydance got a job in journalism and started chasing her dream of reaching the top of the ladder, while Roger put off his dream of becoming a space pirate in favor of a teaching job. In the middle of the week, Caydance discovered she was pregnant and the couple was soon blessed with a baby girl, named Courtney.


Caydance: Shh! I'm meditating!

Um, ok.

Glad to see the spark hasn't died down since you had kids.

Oh, boy. I know that look...I'll just be going now.

Well, good morning everybody!

Roger: Hi, mysterious voice.

Where's Caydance?


Caydance: I think something is wrong...

Really, now?

At least you have a good husband to take care of you.

Caydance: That's true.

Happy birthday dear Courtney...

Well, the hair is going to have to change but you're still a very pretty little girl.

Courtney: Thanks, mysterious voice!

There, now. That's much better.

Well, it looks like Courtney's not going to be an only child for long.

Caydance: I guess I should have expected this...

Oh, that's right! It's winter again.

Courtney: Snow is fun!

Yes, yes it is.

Courtney: I'm really cold!

Don't worry, you'll warm up at school.

Courtney: Row, row, row your tub, gently down the stream...

Ok...I guess that first day of school took a bigger toll than I thought it would.

Courtney: Dad, what's the capital of our state?

Roger: Um...mysterious voice?

Just write down your own town. It's quickly becoming its own state anyway.

Caydance: Whoa! That was fast!

Yup. It's any minute now.

More snow fun?

Courtney: Look what I can make!

Hey Courtney, guess what?

Courtney: What?

It's your very first snow day! No school!

Courtney: Yeah!

Courtney: So does this mean that I didn't really have to do my homework last night?

It's better that you did. Your snow days are hard to predict. How are you going to spend your day off?

Courtney: Studying.

Good choice.

Courtney: Snow day! Snow day!

Not such a good choice.

Baby time!

Caydance: Owww!


Caydance: We've got a baby boy!

It's about time! What's his name?

Caydance: Cody.

I see you're sticking with the "C" theme.

Um, why is Cody in a bouncy seat in the kitchen?

Caydance: Umm...

And why are you dressed like a pirate?

Roger: I finally bit the bullet and switched to the adventure career.

Um...ok. Right after the birth of a baby seems like an odd time to do it, though...

Way to go, Caydance.

Caydance: You're telling me. Now I can start...

Start what?

Painting? Need a new hobby?

Caydance: Well, not exactly. See, right before I had Cody, Roger had sort of a blunder at work. Something about bull horns. But anyway, long story short we ended up losing all of our money.

All of your money? Well, that explains the lack of a crib for Cody.

Caydance: Yeah. Roger took this as his chance to change jobs and became some kind of pirate, and me and Courtney have been painting to make extra. We should be back on our feet soon.

I hope so...

Oh, hi Rachel.

Rachel: I was so sorry to hear what Roger did...I just had to drop by and make sure you're ok...

And Courtney's making her first friend.

Courtney: I had another snow day, so I haven't been back to school yet. It's been cool, but I don't meet other kids that much.

Another well-wisher?

Bryanna: I can't believe that he did that! I mean, if Joshua did that...

Um, this is Joshua's sister you're talking to, Bryanna.

Bryanna: Oh, right.

And just when I thought that outfit couldn't get any funnier...

Roger: Can we focus, please?

Oh, right. Happy birthday dear Cody...

Well, he's adorable. I just hope that you guys can afford to give him a real crib now.

Roger: We'll do just fine.

Says the man who lost the money.

Caydance: That's it, foot in front of the other...

How's the financial situation?

Caydance: Well, we're going to have to be more careful than other families but I think we'll be ok.

So how does it feel being a big sister, Courtney?

Courtney: Ok, I guess. I kind of wish we'd had a girl, though.

Believe me, that's the last thing this town needs is more girls.

Hey, Cody has a room!

Roger: See? I told you everything would be ok.

Don't get too excited about the milestone, there Roger.

Caydance: Can you say camera?

Cody: Nooo!!!

Well, I think that wraps up this eventful week here in Tranquility Acres. I will see all of you next round...

And I think there will be more surprises in store!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I played this lot in two shifts. The first half of the week was such a relaxing change of pace. Only three Sims, one child, no one dying. Then Roger got that stupid chance card...never pick "Bull Horns for All"! For the rest of the week all the three older ones did was skill and paint.